This whole boycotting twitter, looking for an alternative, trying it out, convincing other people to come and network here.
This is what Ravish Kumar meant when he said, “It is possible that they may lose the battle. But sometimes resistance is not a matter of choice. Not all battles are fought for victory. Some are fought simply to tell the world that someone was there on the battlefield.”

@musafir Absolutely correct!! I only log into BirdSite these days to evangelise LOL. My followers must be sick of it 😹💁‍♂️🤭


@Lord_VoldeMaut I haven't been to the birdsite since that 24 hour boycott. So a couple of friends called uo to ask if I was alright and when I told them about Mastodon they are like we have heard of it enough already 😂
That's what @Mastodon is doing.


@musafir sorry mate, new here and must have pressed the wrong button. My bad.

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