Is there something called the "NATIONAL OPINION"?
From whatever it is, can we change it to:

Narendra Modi is damaging India’s economy as well as its democracy.

@musafir There is an "opinion of the day" which is themed around some measure of instant gratification. Do you remember the early days when suddenly everyone assumed that now we are more proud to hold an Indian passport? False platitudes and ego stroking are convenient methods to prevent the organized thought required to arrive at a structured opinion.


@sankarshan a vast majority has been pushed to a state of informationlessness. And all they hear is "Sab Changa Si" on the television all day. Even the local newspapers have been doing a bad job of reporting things. All you find is a clean branding. When you travel to rural parts of the hindi heartland and talk to people, they will try their best and defend Modi and when all reason fails, they will go like, "at least the image of India has gone global and improved significantly."

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@Vishsai the same media doesn't explain the radical change that the global politics is going through. The rise of right wing across the world. They don't put up the happenings of the world to give a broad perspective. And see the downfall of education in the hindi heartland. It explains everything.
@sankarshan @CharismaticSal_

@Vishsai @sankarshan @CharismaticSal_

This lack of questioning. The lack of opposition (not just political parties) the citizenry is being converted to a group of supporters using religion as a tool is eating the democratic structure of the country. It's a monologue. Only one voice dominating the media.

@musafir I agree with you completely on this. But how do we change the narrative which is completely told by them? @sankarshan @CharismaticSal_

@musafir true that. In cities too, I hardly c anyone criticising their 'God'. I realise that they can bear hunger or any economic downfall or whatsoever, 'sab changa h' as long as Muslims are targeted.


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