Working on a piece of poetry. Any spoken word artist will be willing to read and record?

PS: it's in hindi

@Saumyakul @Memeghnad @ranasafvi @sanjayuvacha @baavri @sidagarwal @Mumbaipaused boost for reach?

@baavri warning! It's very very radical and against everything possible. Will you still do it?

@musafir I will obviously need to see it before I say yes (because my voice may not be the best for it) but I like a challenge 🙃

@baavri sent it to you on DM. Check and let me know.

@Mumbaipaused both works. But a fierce voice. It's a strong one. 😅

@musafir hello! Yes. I would like to volunteer :) if we can work things out.

Hey @Amr1ta thanks for the suggestion.

The poem is already with a couple of people. Let me wait for them and see how it goes. Will contact @avidaanchal after that.

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