Hey people. The ones who follow me and the ones I follow. This is a new thing for most of us. Let's figure this out slowly and gradually. Let's do stuff. Let's not see what someone else is doing and start doing the same. Let's not make trends. Mastodon is an open ground and let's make different things out of it. I don't think there is any standard practice that we have to follow. Lets figure this out from scratch.

Thoughts on Mastodon.


What makes you post and engage on Twitter?

Feel free to add up anything you feel like in the comments.

@musafir I mostly read news stories in Twitter, not much of actual engagement.

@kushal @musafir me too.. mostly a reader.

Mastodon makes it difficult here to search and read toots. :(

@vjy @kushal @musafir @BernieOrVest use for search instead of keywords. Keyword search can at best be implemented for content per instance.

@atamariya @kushal @musafir @BernieOrVest yes, hashtags work here as expected.. but, it's keyword search with various filters that gives us better reading experience. :)

@musafir can we add another option? Interesting content from the rest of the world is a big reason for me. There are lots of academics I follow on Twitter who aren't here.

@AKanisetti for whatever is not in the option please add it on in the comment. Can someone also create a smiliar poll on Twitter and urge people to talk about it? People with huge followers base on Twitter can really help. Like create a poll and retweet it for maximum reach and opinions at one place and then take it ahead.

@musafir @sanjayuvacha @ranasafvi @jamewils @kushal @digitaldutta @AdvManoj @Deepsealioness @Gargron @stux @Memeghnad @Vishsai @Saikatd @KayKap @ashlinpmathew @rupagulab @Mastodon I do post here too, but I already have a pretty large following on Twitter and all of them haven't moved, obviously. So... these are relationships over the years. Can't dump.

@musafir I don't do so much in Twitter. Restricted mostly to Mastadon. Most people I was following and news portals are also on Mastadon.

@musafir Low traffic, limited feeds, less updates, no trends, no critics, less interaction, majority of the tweeples still on the birdsite — not moved or haven't yet joined masto.

@musafir @sanjayuvacha I am interested in other things as well. For politics the base is covered here. But we need people from other domans e.g. movie critics etc. to also move here.
Meanwhile its Okay. This place could take off. But how long, we don't know...

@musafir User base, network, historical interactions and absence of some desired content; All of my interconnections haven't migrated here; also for me part of my professional duties via another ID...


Not yet familiar to use the interface & instances.

@tamil1947 @musafir mostly try to get updated news on Twitter. Giving mastodon an honest shot. Happy to see progress, definitely needs more activity for people to spend time here.

@JohnV @musafir

Currently people post and take a break, trying to get the feel of this new platform.
Interactions will start in due course.
Then there would be an upward curve of usage.
By then Mastadon should gear up to meet that large flow of volume.

@musafir I use twitter a lot for FinTwit - financial stuff mostly international tweeters. They're not on here. Interact here a lot more, twitter is mainly for passive consumption

@musafir You forgot the fourth option: I have never engaged on Twitter.

@musafir I'm rooted here after my ancestors' transplant from India: my entire continent is not here, and the rest of the African-descended world. Before twitter made searches impossible, I found a tweep's old tweet about a Native American fediverse, and noted that it doesn't exist anymore.

@musafir Sites like twitter, youtube, fb uses algorithm to boost interaction. These algorithms also increase the outreach of the content. Every platform has been gaming their platform to prefer celeb driven content, which means that anyone with a fan following is preferred. That's not the case here. Algorithms don't decide anything here.

So since i don't have a fan following, i have stopped using twitter. But most people with one, won't be able to do so. I have more organic conversation here

@musafir I have stopped posting on twitter. The interaction on mastodon has more quality and all happening between ordinary folks without celebrities getting involved.


Some content producers are still on Twitter. For example, I am also tracking US politics/news, so Twitter is a good source for that.

That said, I've been publishing mostly here, and restricting my Twitter engagement to mostly comments.

@musafir I use Twitter to catch up on what notable people I follow tweet. It'd be great if I could see tweets by people like AOC or Bernie Sanders here via bots or even better if their campaigns cross-tooted them officially

@musafir The “Lights Out Dark Mode” on Twitter looks stunning!

@musafir official customer support accounts. Local specific sharing that my followers knowing me from IRL might read.

@musafir I’m starting to use Twitter more for “work”. I have a base of bloggers who are there, so that works well. It’s also easier to find a wider base of content. And I think it’s still important to continue to call out bigotry there.

But, I’m using Twitter a lot more for work and just to consume content. I much prefer this space for conversations - and there have been many interesting ones across subjects.

I’m hoping more people continue to interact here. I really like this space.

@musafir because mastodon feels like the order of jedi in a world of sith lords

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