Hi everyone,

Anyone around?? Wanna talk about the features to be introduced on Google Maps.. I got a response from local guide connect what actual features I need. I need ur help in suggesting the points. In fact attach the link or ss.

Waiting for your response

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@CharismaticSal_ Can you please explain a bit more

A. What is Google trying to do?
B. What is your role in this and how the communication works?

Thank you

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@Vishsai @musafir @tempearth @KayKap @KnottedBow they welcome the ideas given by the local guides.. If it's feasible they work on it and introduce.. So please suggest some good points so that they consider and it is workable. Introducing hotline numbers sounds good to me. What about u all?

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Hi Salma, thank you for taking it up with Google folks. I am glad that they are listening :) The hotline numbers are definitely a good idea. Is it something that will appear on the map? Just trying to understand where this will be more effective. If I want to see any garage nearby, google maps is the 1st thing I go to. It will be good if there is an indication of which are open 24/7 and contactable

@tempearth thank u for the suggestion.

Now I have three points :

1) Introducing hotline numbers
2) Garage info located nearest
3) 24/7 open garage and contactable

Seems that the womenfolk are liking this proposal not only in India but in their respective countries too.

Google Maps is used by everyone in the present day and easy to use. Let's try our luck here too. If a new feature is introduced then it will be beneficial for all.

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We are Yuva and Stand The Children Orgs recently started the movement to light up public places. They asked users to send the location of such places and they will take it up to the authorities to implement those. So if Google can use that info to include in maps, people will avoid such routes (where the area is unlit)
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@ajeeshrp7 one more thing. Can someone make a summary sort of a thing of the daily discussions and put it up in one common place? Not everyone engages and prefers to talk at the same time.

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This is a separate thread, I believe, which @CharismaticSal_ is trying to collect data to be inculded in Google maps

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