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there's only ONE thing TWO do THREE words FOUR you 

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please sir that’s my emotional support coochie

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im not trying to start a fight or anything but i would like one (1) titty in my mouth please

alright which demon do i have to suck off to get a gf

so im standing there, tiddies in my bbq sauce

*notices your bulge*
did you steal my fucking candy bar

i am bisexual i will fall in love with every single one of you dont tEST ME

guys im not gay what the hell would make you think that [please put onE tiddy in my mouth]

if these are keysmash bots clearly they’re just pushing the gay agenda and to that I say thank you

i heard the new trend is just typing random numbers and letters


Not trying to be rude but it’s 4pm and it’s dark what the fuck is that

me hitting TOOT! after typing utter fucking nonsense:

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