"that's what they want you to think" --my leftish mostly liberal sister when i mentioned that i support independent journalists financially because they keep me better informed than the mass media

never have i ever imagined i would be living in this kind of world

Some people on here are acting super nice and normal but they're absolutely vile on Twitter


I don't trust this platform above and beyond any others but in case there is a leftxodus from Twitter I'm here for it

the bar for what constitutes good content on mastodon seems to be low, congrats to everyone who takes advantage of that

It's really interesting to realize in a moment that some of the important things you believe in are wrong, when you see the power structures at work impossible to believe you could have bought into it in the first place. It's happened to me a few times before and it seems like it would be terrifying but it is really liberating.

I sure would like to share my music with you all but I'm also really happy to be anonymous for awhile longer

I think that the pace of life needs to slow way down, this is a problem.

I've been on social networks since calling the radio station DJ as a teenager in 1992 and chatting on the line with a bunch of people who did the same thing. I'm kinda dirtbag left, late generation X and cynical, but I'm also very nice


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