Kickstarter power move: lose the fulfillment emails until several years later, when the fulfillment mechanisms have mysteriously broken, ask for free stuff.

Who called it "Funny or Die" and not "You're Funny or Your Life"?

The comment in today's EGS about "sheltered upbringing" has me realizing that the sliding timescale has gradually converted the characters from millennials to Gen Z.

How to speak according to Duolingo: first carefully enunciate each word in the sentence, then frantically repeat all of the words you think they didn't understand, in any order.

Fun anecdote: once, one of my family's cats suddenly sprinted from one end of the house to the other, over hardwood floors, to hack up a hairball on the carpet only present in that part of the house.

I can't help but notice that these so-called "epic" music mixes don't begin in medias res, cover a vast setting, begin with an invocation to a muse, begin with a statement of the theme, use epithets, contain long lists and long and formal speeches, show divine intervention in human affairs, feature heroes that embody the values of a civilization, or feature the hero's descent into an underworld.

Currently tracking down early-aughts extremophile biology drama hashtag-webcomics

(In short, I'm seeing some skepticism in response to strain 2-9-3, and I'm not seeing a natural endpoint to the arguments yet. Maybe I haven't used the right search terms?)

When your blog publishing pipeline is working great.

I'm thinking of doing coding challenges to try to teach myself more languages. I figured I'd do old Advent of Code challenges; does anyone have something they'd recommend over that?

"Geez, I can't export from VLC worth anything. I wonder..." *checks* "oh" *upgrades through a major version* "Oh huh it works now for some reason"

Replace all versions of "U.N. Owen Was Her" with renditions of "Fairie's Aire and Death Waltz" send monkey paw wish

Please feel free to explain exactly why this question is dumb: With the trend in mobile development toward apps in HTML and JS, what's stopping sites from just making their mobile site a single-page app and skip the app store approval process?

Ugh Verizon searchassist is back on at my in-laws' house uuuuuuugh.

Wait, I guess it's not the LCM, it's... what the heck is it... It's not just the next power of two, is it? That would be some kind of stepped scaling, I guess.

Since the frequency domain is asymmetric, maybe decrease the neurons by half (or some other factor) with every addition of a prime factor. (this is maybe really iffy... squaring the size of the image will more than double the sum of the exponents of the LCM, so the maximum number of neurons scales superlinearly with the dimensions of the image)

Maybe instead of direct weights on each factor, the weights determine parameters from a function that takes primes to weights.

I've been thinking about neural network architectures that seem weird to me, but other people have probably tried them. Like, suppose we transform an image into the frequency domain, and instead of convolving between adjacent frequencies, convolving according to prime factors. Maybe avoid "diagonals" because there'd be a lot of them.

I assume that, one way or another, I haven't come up with something amazing, but I'm curious what it would, like, do.

I've seen people comparing other sites' multi-image upload stuff to tumblr, and now I'm wondering how blog(ger|spot) (???) compares, since that exists and people use it. Downside: I'm pretty sure it doesn't do shares nicely, so the community aspect is ennh.

Maybe crosspost into an ecosystem better suited to re(tweet|blogg)ing? Just start frankensteining stuff together.

Actually, it depends strongly on how exactly to intepret a particular "and".

Is the "and" meant to connect "mentioning a sexual act" to "other suggestive elements" as if they are all elements of a single list where any element is indicative, or that both sides have to appear in conjunction with each other for it to count?

I honestly can't tell which intepretation they're going for.

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Given a hypothetical "fully ergative-absolutive" language, is there any way to distinguish it from a "fully nominative-accusative" language, for which whoever worked out the translation gave the verbs deliberately weird meanings?

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