Okay, here's the plan: I'm going to try switching to @mwchase for now.

Trying to follow the monorepo debate 

I might end up shuffling around my gnu-social (or whatever) accounts once I figure out a little bit more what the heck I'm doing.

Shots fired: gist.github.com/mwchase/a2da63 (Also, I think this code "works for my purposes". I don't feel like it's particularly "good".)


setup.py does not spark joy. I wonder how Poetry is for developing Python projects.

I always get self-conscious submitting bugs to Rust, because the stuff I put into the Rust Playground tends to look like fuzzer output to me, after I step back from whatever complicated thing I was trying to do.

Actually, was it only three I've bungled through in the last few days? Heck of a trip, in any case.

Random thought for jokey software development boardgame, such as shows up in various webcomics: "burn three minor versions" instead of "move back three spaces".

Shower thought: the NPC meme is just the great man theory applied to contemporary events.

(The man who gave my cell number to DoorDash would later go on to give it to his own father.)

Speaking of that kind of thing, does anyone know if DoorDash yet takes measures to deal with drivers putting in someone else's phone number as their own?

Somebody please tell reddit user mancool98362568 that you have to put *your own* email address in.

Having tried out the Python 3.8 alpha, I am massively psyched for getting to override __getitem__ on namedtuples without breaking attribute access. This will make my useless hobby projects so much more maintainable and amenable to iteration.

Kickstarter power move: lose the fulfillment emails until several years later, when the fulfillment mechanisms have mysteriously broken, ask for free stuff.

Who called it "Funny or Die" and not "You're Funny or Your Life"?

The comment in today's EGS about "sheltered upbringing" has me realizing that the sliding timescale has gradually converted the characters from millennials to Gen Z.

How to speak according to Duolingo: first carefully enunciate each word in the sentence, then frantically repeat all of the words you think they didn't understand, in any order.


Fun anecdote: once, one of my family's cats suddenly sprinted from one end of the house to the other, over hardwood floors, to hack up a hairball on the carpet only present in that part of the house.

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