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Michael W Lucas, author @mwlucas

"A 128-bit address space is unimaginably huge, but let’s try to imagine it. Count every human being that’s ever lived. Now count the number of cells in each of them—not just in their body, but their associated bacteria. IPv6 is roomy enough to assign each of those cells an address space larger than everything available in IPv4."

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@mwlucas Yes, yes, but what about when each of those cells requires addresses for their IoT devices?

@mwlucas Don't worry, I'm sure we can manage to squander addresses like never before :)

@phessler @kurtm @mwlucas well if I can give a /64 to my fridge, I can give an address to my bottle of milk, another to my eggs box and so on #TheFuture

@mwlucas @phessler @kurtm You weren't aware?

Not that 2⁶⁴ is likely to be reached, and allocating a /128 per host like some providers do is a bit silly, but...


@kellerfuchs @mwlucas @kurtm /128 per host is what we do now, and thats perfectly fine.

/64 per host is a fever dream, that even the ietf members that requested it, have no idea what to use it for

@phessler @mwlucas @kurtm Yeah, /128 per host is fine if you have the ability to provision more addresses on that host when you need them (e.g. it's your network).
/128 per host with no ability to grab more IPv6 space if/when needed is not so great :V

@kurtm @mwlucas @phessler PS: In case that was unclear, I def. agree that allocating /64s to individual hosts is very silly, in that they are unlikely to ever use much of that space...

A fun usecase I ran into recently (for hashbang.sh) is to give each UNIX user a different IPv6, letting them listen on whichever ports (>1024 for now) and making it easy to attribute traffic to specific users.
Even there, 32b of address space (i.e. a /96) is enough to represent all UIDs.

@phessler @mwlucas @kellerfuchs I'm betting it had something to do with that idea of using the MAC address as part of your IPv6 address. With 16 bits of extra room.

@mwlucas @phessler @kellerfuchs
I actually saw a defender of IPv6 talking about how great IPX was recently.

@mwlucas @phessler @kellerfuchs

The Goon Squad doesn't take my calls any more.

@phessler @mwlucas Someone gave an anecdote of

"You can assign an IP address to every transistor in your computer"

and someone took it as a requirement.