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@mwlucas I hope my contributions of exposure have been worthwhile. or at least amusing. or not block-worthy.

@phessler Oh, you'll have to try a lot harder to get me to block you. Good luck!

@phessler and seriously, I appreciate people sharing my work when they find it valuable.

I just don't understand what y'all think is valuable, that's all.

@mwlucas it amuses me. and people get all shouty when they're being aroused by systemd. which also amuses me.

@phessler I hope you mean "roused to anger," not "they're reading SbS at work." The latter would be just weird.

Depending on where you work, I guess.

@twitter @phessler Your work environment might disappoint them afterwards.

Or not. Dunno what your environment is. Maybe it won't.

@mwlucas so, can we expect an erotic-chapter being added to #af3e ?

@mwlucas ok now I'm curious. Bought on iBooks