"Absolute FreeBSD 3rd edition" is now on pre-order! Use the coupon code ILUVMICHAEL at nostarch.com/absfreebsd3 to get 30% off on print/ebook combo, and put a couple extra bucks in my pocket.

@mwlucas Until when can preorder be placed?
(My bank kinda sorta fucked up my credit card...)

@kellerfuchs You can preorder until it's released in May. After that, it's a regular order.

@mwlucas OK, it's good to know that GreedyAuthor!Michael will take my money anytime before release.

@kellerfuchs Hey, I'm not totally greedy. I'll take your money even after release!

Wait... that doesn't sound right...

@mwlucas I already ordered a few days ago with the PREORDER coupon. Same effect? If not, any way to get you the, “couple extra bucks”?

@wezm Sorry, no. But I'll get regular royalties, no worries.

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