New to @bsdcan?

Newcomers session, 6 PM, Thursday 7 June, DMS 1140. Come get the road map! Learn about bikesheds, important events, and what's with the goat?

Old to BSDCan? Show up to help orient newcomers.

Intermittent reminder: I've migrated over to @mwlucas. Follow me there.

dang it, I tooted on the wrong mastodon. Over to!

Things like this are why I can't abandon birdsite. Yet.

A formative detail of my youth, from yesterday's podcast, in visual form.

OK, I'm moving off to make room for more folks.

Follow me to @mwlucas!

@craigmaloney You don't have USB/MP3 in your car? How do you survive driving to the grocery store?


I've never used this sentence in a book.

I now feel compelled to use it--but in a completely inappropriate context, like feeding the dog or an assassination.

Hey BSD folk. Looks like our good friend Peter Hansteen (@pitrh) is in the market. Now's a great time to hire a great guy, pf expert, mail guru and real Unix systems admin.

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