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About to launch a personal tech and privacy focused blog and I'm starting my first foray into managing an project. This will be a alternative to patreon/flattr, with the goal of federation. That's just one part of the whole project.

Haven't snagged the domain, so I cant do an official announcement yet. I hope to open up the project to contributors next month. If anyone is interested in learning more, let me know!

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Footage of Russia hacking the USA ( 2016, Colorized )

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#PeerTube is free/libre software alternative to YouTube

-- federated (uses ActivityPub)
-- peer2peer streaming
-- currently in beta

non-profit @Framasoft is crowdfunding its development

this project is already usable (more than 50 instances)
and can be a game-changer.

Boost its development and give it more visibility.

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Operation /1

Your new Android device by default comes with a lot of from the manufacturer, the big G or your operator. Some of them like Facebook or Twitter can easily be uninstalled in settings.

Under settings/apps (actual path varies by device and android version) you can find the list of all apps, system ones and downloaded, and any downloaded and even some of the preinstalled.

You can also many of the apps that can't be uninstalled, like Glooge ones.

I just spent a week in talks with a Bay area startup with the hopes of coming on board as a senior developer but as a contractor. Pay was less than I would normally accept, but I really like what they're doing and it would give me awesome exposure and skills.

They present a copy paste contract template from the net, then edit it to fuck over contractors. Revenue sharing != my rent and fuck you for trying to rush people into this scam.

Learning .js over a couple weeks has been... actually fun. And now I'm about to get a contract using it. Color me surprised!

Anyone here ever mess with ( Seems like an interesting project, but wondering if it's worth the time to setup locally and surf. Tips and suggestions welcome from and peeps.

@dansup I'm a Laravel dev and want to help with . Cool if I jump into github tomorrow?

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I feel like there's a point not being brought up about possibly buying ...

Microsoft has a history of using other people's code without permission and proper accreditation to the original dev, instead claiming it's their creation as a commercial offering.

Github is a damn gold mine for them. For people loyal to github, move whatever you can to . Send a message that your work isn't allowed in the universe.

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I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
But we use the metric system here
So in kilometers that's 804

Who wants selfies with my drunk lyft passengers when I drive tonight? I promise, I only pick up the best time traveling freakazoids.

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Peertube is opening a worldwide paticipative funding! :)

For those who don't know yet it is a decentralized and opensource youtube alternative developped by @Chocobozzz and supported by @Framasoft

More info here :

The campain is here :

Do not hesitate to share :)

(Fun facts 2/2)

Fast forward a few weeks later and here I am. Those few weeks was a battle with a sense of mourning to give up on something I believed was my future. It's in my spirit to be independent and not wanting to fall into some soul sucking office.

In order to do business I had to sign up for corporate services like google, skype, hubspot... all of these data hungry beasts that don't give 2 shits about privacy.

Today I am killing these services off and it feels like liberation!

(Fun facts 1/2)

Earlier this year, when the local job market was impossible to break into as a Senior LAMP stack developer, I started my own business and had enough success to (barely) keep the lights turned on for me and my family.

I was building my own Wordpress alternative and pushing that as the flagship offering for new clients. I got people on board, but couldn't juggle development of that while also trying to grow the business. I shut down shop 2 weeks ago. It was rough to give it up.

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Honestly aliens are gonna come and be like

"wow, this is how you portray us‽"

question for my and peeps: what android chat/messenger (from f-droid preferably) seems to be the most easy to adopt from a users perspective? For example, I have friends wanting to bail out of WhatsApp, but they want a good
end-to-end encrypted alternative. Suggestions?

I've spent the morning securing the family computer (linux of course); I feel good about this. /etc/hosts on an automated script for combined block lists, and iptables set in a simple stateful configuration. Browsers running ublock origin, privacy badger and https everywhere. DNS servers set to .

All that.. but yet evil ass modem won't allow any truly meaningful privacy measures. Next step is to get my own modem and a pihole.

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I just found out that by default, #LinkedIn sells user data to anyone without anonymizing it, regardless of visibility settings. #Linkedin is owned by #Microsoft.

You can opt out in the privacy settings, but this is something that should be allowed only after opt-in. #GDPR