Holy shit this week.
- taking care of partner with flu
- started Strattera
- upgraded phone to a Pixel 3a and the camera does this? 😱

Hi friends. We're putting on a gallery show in April and May called β€œThe San Francisco That Could Be”.

It’ll be hosted in a gallery in North Beach, and we would love to have you submit something or share this with someone who might.

Prospectus here: galaxybrain.co/sf-2020-prospec

@dredmorbius @mala

I'd note that FB has to remain intelligible to its users.

And since we are more or less as smart as those users, FB can't really lose us without losing its users.

(They can still make it real hard to keep up, of course.)

You ask, "Are leggings pants?" when the real question is, "Has God abandoned us?"

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Oh jeez, I just saw something in passing that said "what's your North Star"?

Polaris, you marketing wank. It's called Polaris, and it's your North Star too.

I fought back for the child me and the kids who can't fight this now and while I would do it all again in a heartbeat and will many more times this year.

... It's not.... Not exhausting

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I basically spent from 9:15 this morning to 9:15 tonight staring the foundation of my childhood trauma in the face and Doing Something About It but now the crash is coming and I can already feel it in my bones. πŸ™ƒ

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Made it 22 days into 2020 before we (CRHE) had to do an urgent press release/education campaign about a law that would eliminate protections for homeschooled kids and disproportionately target LGBTQIA+ and disabled youth :(


I applied to be the trans subject editor at autostraddle 😱

I say this as if I haven't spent the last 40 minutes playing with how I want LGL to parse my volunteers' information for me.

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I was hoping to be able to work from my apartment today but now the boiler is off so it's cold again and I have hella brainfog.

So I guess I have to go hang out at my braintwin's place where the heat actually works and MAYBE I'll be able to do something today.

Trans culture is waking up early so you can go be moral support at the gender confirmation surgery consult for your BFF and being almost as excited as they are about it.

So happy I had a Tea Party at my office because now there is a ton of tea which is helpful for this cold that doesn't want to leave me.

Idk who needs to hear this but cops only protect property, not people

I only did half the things I wanted to do today, but that's okay.

Therapy was really good.

If you're a devout Christian, and you marry again after a spouse dies, doesn't that mean you're polyamorous in heaven?

Checkmate, evangelicals.

Toni Morrison didn't publish her first book until she was 39 and became a cultural cornerstone.

Never believe its too late for you to accomplish what you want in life just because you didn't do it in your 20s. Becoming established that early in your life is usually out of luck or having immense privilege. The rest of us are forced to move a little slower and that's 100% fine.

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