I am looking for a reliable instance for the @fsfe. Enough space for our videos (reasonable daily or high overall limit) , HTTP import, no content, servers and operator within the EU.

Can you help me? isn't really helpful in this regard...

@ortsvorsteher @fsfe Didn't know it, thanks. But it's not part of the Peertube federation, right? Also I see that it doesn't seem to be EU based

@mxmehl @fsfe You are welcome. I only know it exists. I hope it fits to youre needs.

That one doesn't even display content without allowing and also has some other domains embedded, seems to be more a coin promotional platform.. dissuaded.
@mxmehl @fsfe

@erAck @mxmehl @fsfe Okay. Thank you for this Information discovered. I Hope you find something what fits to youre needs.

@xosem @fsfe Yes, that looks good, but unfortunately no HTTP import and registration is closed

@mxmehl @fsfe I would recommend setting up own instance of #peertube - in that way you'll be able to configure transcoding settings yourself and have as much space you need. It's pretty straightforward to setup and I bet you'll already have dependencies like PostgreSQL, Nginx, etc. in your infrastructure 😉

Die you considered to selfhost an instance to make it Mord trustworthy with your domain?

@blub Yes, but we would like to join an existing community and relief our volunteering system admins from maintaining yet another service if there is no pressing need :)

@mxmehl @fsfe is still open for registration, federates with basically everyone, and gives an initial quota of 20GB (2GB a day upload limit), which can probably be upped if you ask nicely and donate to help cover their costs... They're hosted in Germany and allow http import, but nsfw content must be tagged so I guess it's allowed.
Or, you know, host your own #PeerTube instance and you can have it exactly the way you want ;)

@AlienSpoon @mxmehl @fsfe

There is also a french instance dedicated to FLOSS-related videos, but you'll need to contact their admin through their "about" page (IIRC, it's Tetaneutral a french non-profit ISP, member of ).

I know it depends on your needs and means, but simple curiosity: have you thought about hosting your own instance? What is stopping you from doing it?
(Pouhiou, here)

@Framasoft @AlienSpoon Thanks! Yes, we have considered hosting our own but would rather like to join an existing community, and not overburden our volunteering system admins with maintaining yet another service ( if there is no pressing need

@mxmehl @AlienSpoon Thank you for your answer! It's really precious to us, as it's by understanding each expereience that we'll learn how to help people adopt this tool ;).
I really think fits your needs, but I don't know if they still have welcoming capacity (diskspace, etc.)...

Please keep us posted, we are here if you need any advice!


@mxmehl @fsfe why not host your own? It's not hard, I set an instance up in a couple of hours
@mxmehl @fsfe hetzner has renewable energy servers in germany, which is known to have better privacy laws. As far as I know the FSF uses donated infrastructure though (no aws or google cloud or crap like that). Generally it's better to have your own infrastructure instead of using other people's computers, especially as an organization. But anw if you still want to use an instance I suppose framatube is a good place since framasoft is the european equivalent of the fsf in the US

@alex Yes, we have considered that but would like to join an existing community, and not overburden our volunteering system admins if there is no pressing need.

Regarding Framasoft, I'm not sure they would describe themselves as the European equivalent of FSF. That's rather what @fsfe is, but even there with sometimes different focuses and strategies, and competely independent from its sister organisation ;)

@mxmehl @fsfe You got already plenty of responses. A few months ago I register a FSFE account at and at for the same reasons we have chosen But never really used it beside two test pictures on pixelfed. I'm happy to hand over the credentials, just ping my by mail. Of course we can also use any other instance...

@bjoern Oh cool, can you please send them to me? seems to be fine after the input I got

@jz So means that one cannot join and contribute to an existing community, already technically well-maintained by skilled people, embedded in a well-federated network?

@mxmehl of course one can!

but also that wealthy entities could lead by example, and rather use their resources (especially when making the political compromise to get moniez from the enemies of the people!) to provide infrastructure for others, rather than depending on others resources/infrastructure!

@jz We are no professional online service provider (nevertheless we offer quite a few platforms We use our resources to politically, legacy and publicly fight for Free Software, e.g. with,, or I don't see the evil you proclaim

I'm happy you're joining and giving trust to the comunity. I do not agree with everything fsfe is doing, but overall I'm glad for the work you all do.

@paulfree14 @jz Thanks for the constructive feedback! If there is anything you would like the @fsfe to become better at, feel free to drop me an email or DM :)

@mxmehl @fsfe Do you consider the possibility that a company, free software friendly, host and manage the service for you as a donation ?

@carxwol @fsfe Depends. We would really like to join an existing community and contribute back to it. We also had mixed experiences with companies hosting services pro bono for us. Any way, it might make more sense for the company to spin up a instance on their own or support existing installations, so as many Peertube users as possible could profit. What do you think?

@mxmehl @fsfe i think, that i wanted to start a peertube instance to host videos of #pgdayfr or other it conf that host their videos on yt by default

@mxmehl @fsfe if i were an org i think i'd be looking at self hosting peertube. otherwise, you might consider LBRY. (

@mxmehl @fsfe What about DevTube ?I'm a Co-Admin there.The instance is pretty new but already has a few users.There is no overall storage limit but a 2GB daily upload limit which can be increased for you if needed.The server is hosted in Germany and the admin lives in Austria and the two co-admins in Germany.As we're pretty new into this topic,I don't know what HTTP import should do but I'm sure we could enable it if that isn't already done.Would be very cool to have FSFE here 🎉

@nipos @fsfe thanks for the offer! Will take it into consideration :)

What are your space and bandwidth needs? I might be able to arrange a site.

@mikael Hard to say, 10GB might be useful for the next months as we intend to increase our usage of videos (talk recordings, campaign videos, interviews...). But we would love to join an existing community instead of launching our own new service

We at Umeå Hackerspace have a site on our roadmap and this would be a great initial use case. In that case it would be "our" instance and fsfe a user. @mmn
@mxmehl @mikael I'm pretty sure !umehack could (should?) host under an !fsfe owned domain just to make sure they can switch host provider whenever they want for whatever reason.
@mxmehl @mikael I'm pretty sure !umehack could (should?) host under an !fsfe owned domain just to make sure they can switch host provider whenever they want for whatever reason.
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