Which browser is consuming much more power than competitive ones? @3rik presenting interesting numbers and thoughts on in connection with at the @fsfe GA.

So, what's your guess?

@mxmehl I think it's Chrome because it's a totally bloated and slow piece of shit.Slow is true for IE too but I read some time ago that it needs least power what I still can't believe 😆

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe All I know is that there's far more code/features in all the browser engines than I'd like. I've looked.

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe I would guess Chrome-Firefox-some WebKit thingie, probably

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe people love to say the most power hungry must be Chrome, but that's based on false assumptions since bloat (SLOC, binary size, RAM usage) =/= power usage, and clearly all major browsers aren't this disproportionately bloated

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe it could also be the case that you compared a major browser against very simple ones like w3m or lynx - in which case I'll be surprised they use more than 0.1% CPU tbh :blobcatsip:

In fact, maybe many of this CPU usage is due to webpages themselves. Picture this, reading at news sites, say, reading 15 or 20 news sites 15 years ago, number of words read per minute, number of MB downloaded per minute, and overall CPU usage. Now picture reading those same news today. Number of words read per minute, still the same, MB downloaded per minute has sky rocketed and CPU usage also. There is a fundamental problem with this that impacts also in the ecological footprint on the planet. What browser would be the one in the rigth?
@3rik @fsfe
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