You are at and interested in license compliance? Join my talk about in 15 minutes (16:20) in room Rhône 1! It's a project by the @fsfe to make licensing easier for everyone.

@mxmehl @fsfe There's this in Lyon, 1h from here and nobody told me!?

@mxmehl @fsfe hmm, ok, way too expensive anyway, but still.

@mmu_man @fsfe Yes, it's a shame that LF did not do that and chose a proprietary platform for their schedules. Thanks for creating a PR though, would be great to have it for the next two days!

@mxmehl @fsfe let's see if Wilmer has the time to merge.

@mmu_man @fsfe Oh no! offers some ways to get informed about upcoming events. But yes, quite expensive :(

@mxmehl @fsfe well I already have a lot of event sources around, it's missing on for example…

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