The maintainer stopped their work on this great app and closed all API accounts :(

Since I don't like the alternatives, I created my own Twitter app to continue using it. But in the long run, I hope that existing or new apps will come up with the same or better usability

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@hugo Yes... Apparently they want to work on a successor, but before that on a web service. And since the development speed wasn't mindblowing to be honest, all of that could take a while.

Perhaps @fedilab could start to support the Twitter API?

I would need a dev account and also, it seems I have to ask access to different API? Is it easy to obtain?
Also I have to deal with all that limits.
But I am more scared on how Twitter can decide to break this access to the api.

@fedilab @hugo To get an API key, you have to ask for developer access (just fill a form and wait). Then you can create applications. It's against their ToS to create multiple apps for the same usage (i.e. Twidere, Fedilab), but somehow this worked with Twidere. The easier start could be that users enter their own keys

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