@mxmehl Thanks for this. I noticed the wordings are quite odd: “To opt-out from our anonymization of your personal information to perform data analyses, please provide your...” To me, this means my data is currently anonymous and now I am *opting in* to have my data analyzed without it being anonymous. Am I misunderstanding something? Or maybe it is intentionally convoluted to discourage use of this option?

@shahaan Noticed that as well (for Mastercard) and I think it's the latter. In the sidebar it speaks about "opt out", also the URL. So I rather think it means "You opt-out from our anonymised data analytics" or so.

@Shamar You can opt out from data analytics (e.g. your payment behaviour, transactions etc) of credit card providers. It should work for all EU because of the , not sure about other countries...


Now... yes... call me naive...

BUT it never occurred to ME that credit card providers were harvesting my transactions.


@Shamar traditional banks usually also do that (often for marketing reasons), but with the ones I use there is no easy opt-out. In the EU you can request that anyway, an email should suffice


At times I wonder if these #privacy related forms are just #anxiolytics.

How can anyone check they are actually using it?

Also... opt-out?
If I remember correctly, as per #GDPR analytics should be opt-in.

@mxmehl Thanks!
For the MasterCard link in other countries (not sure if it matters):
- At top right of page change language/location
(Now assuming English)
- At bottom of page, under "OTHER INFORMATION" click "Global Privacy Notice"
- Part way down the page, click on "Data Analytics Opt-Out"

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