Was bedeutet ("Linux in einer Art virtuellen Schachtel in Windows") für GNU/Linux-Systeme? Ein Artikel der @SZ gibt ein paar Einblicke dazu mit Kommentaren von mir @fsfe

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@mxmehl @fsfe benutze WSL tatsächlich auch in meiner Video Pipeline in der leider ein Windows-Only Programm hängt. Aber für gewisse Schritte geht einfach nichts über ffmpeg in einer zsh.

What's your view on the long term strategy of MS investing is WSL, eg end-game?

@samtuke Hard to tell. On the one hand, it's a clever move to keep/win some devs, so "build on the system on which you deploy". On the other hand, people tend to prefer the original, in this case specifically as it offers the most flexibility, accessibility and freedom – and it could be a door-opener to the Linux world for new users.

What's your take?

@mxmehl Do you think introducing devs on Windows to Linux is a goal in itself for them?

My take is that Azure is priority #1 and they care little what people run locally so long as they're tied into the MS Cloud ecosystem. So the WSL drive is to give devs whatever they want (even Linux!) to get them hooked on Azure and keep them locked in. In other words, proprietary APIs are all that now matters.

Seeking nuance to flesh out this view however 🤔

@samtuke Interesting point. I'm not even sure whether their WSL2 and Azure strategy is closely tied together. Historically, MS wants to be for devs by devs, so this might be their try to turn the trend around. However, I agree that Azure is their highest priority and best-seller, Windows just a platform of many.

@mxmehl If WSL doesn't serve Azure then I don't see how it pays them -- what's their revenue stream from the investment in supporting Linux? App store sales for Windows desktop users? Hardware sales (eg Surface family)? I can't see how revenues from those are worth the risk of introducing a new generation to Open Source and Linux (and losing some of those users to Desktop Windows and their proprietary ecosystem)...

@mxmehl Maybe I'm missing important pieces of the MS revenue puzzle. What else do they make $ from?

@samtuke Perhaps it's a try to protect/establish Windows as a universal platform for desktop/laptop, knowing that they won't win all users, but won't lose more than if they didn't introduce WSL2 at all.
IIUC, their main revenue is via services, so Azure, Office, Talk, Exchange etc

Maybe I'm just too much of a Linux fanboi to believe that windows users would stay on wi does after a taste of freedom 🐝

@samtuke I sincerely hope that your feeling is correct! :)

Out of interest, here's another angle from a comment on Phoronix: "Workstation Linux employees will find it increasingly difficult to justify the use of Linux at work and this will be the final nail in the Linux desktop coffin." - maintaining a data flow and communication channel to developers inside corporates is very valuable. Still risky re: exposing them to Linux, IMO.

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