Is there something like for Mastodon already? So:

* Multi-account (I can reply a notification of my first account in the name of the second account)
* Web-based (so can be integrated in Rambox/Franz for instance)
* Ideally self-hostable, but not a must

Thanks for any hints!

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@tunda Unfortunately not really, but thanks anyways:
* There are no columns (like the normal Mastodon view)
* I cannot reply to a toot in one account with another account

The great thing of Tweetdeck is that I can have columns, notifications etc of one or multiple accounts in one layer, so no need to switch accounts. Also, it's web-based, so I can open it in multi-service-tools like Rambox or Franz

@tunda Ah, I already have that activated for my accounts. It's great (I <3 columns), but no multi-account functionality. That's basically the only thing from the Mastodon advanced interface I am missing.

@skrlet13 Yes, that's really close already, thank you! Trying it out now :) Not #Mastodon , but #Misskey does that out of the box. 😉

The project is quite new though, and migrating an account isn’t that easy I guess.

(And having separate accounts for separate aspects of yourself is very useful imho.

@norztech @mxmehl Thank you. I went with @sengi_app eventually but your hint is also interesting!

@mxmehl Yes Tweetdeck (the old desktop client) was my major inspiration for Sengi. 🙂

@norztech I'm curious, does Misskey accept adding Mastodon and Pleroma accounts from other instances directly inside its UI? #Misskey is a different #SocialNetwork , not a standalone app.

The behaviour you describe could be possible in theory I guess, but I don’t think it’s on the roadmap.
(I wouldn’t know anyway, as most is in
#japanese. 😁 🤷‍♀️)

It would be interesting to be able to do it though (imho), for instance with a
#Pleroma account that already supports #EmojiReactions . 😊

If you’re curious, here’s what my
#AccountSwitcher looks like : 😉

Also, currently there’s a very useful feature imho, which is
#FullTextSearch . 😉 However, judging by an #issue on the #repository , it might be partially dropped and require #PostgreSQL . 😭

Another useful feature is automatic
#DraftSaving , not sure if #Mastodon or #Sengi have this. 🤔


I see. 🙂 So all those accounts are from different Misskey's instances?

Yes I do have draft saving, I even have multiple drafts saving since you can open multiple editors (one per status you're replying to). That something some of my users asked for and it was worth it. 🙂 Nope, local only. 😉

Draft saving is cool indeed, it is very fragile on
#Friendica . 😉 You’re welcome! 🙇‍♀️
Glad you found your happiness !
#Misskey is quite new, but has many interesting ideas, and is quite fun to use. 😊
#Pleroma also has interesting features, but I found its UI harder to use on mobile. 🤷‍♀️


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