@sengi_app I just discovered your project, just what I searched for, thank you! I didn't find documentation on how to install Sengi as a web-app on my own infrastructure. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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@mxmehl hi!
That's true I didn't invest enough on this side (auto-hosting builds and documentation).

I had a docker image (and it's still there) but it's in a broken state today (as no one seemed to complain about it, I haven't took the time to fix it yet 😶).

In what kind of environment would you like to auto-host Sengi? A docker one or a good old web server?
(my own deployment is on a shared hosting service)

@sengi_app Ah, good to know! A docker-based setup would be fine, ideally it would contain a webserver already and would be configurable via environment vars.

How do you do your deployment then? Compiling it via NPM and having your own webserver running on the host? Sorry for the dump questions, nodejs is really not my expert domain...

@mxmehl yes, in fact Sengi (in its "compiled" state) is only a bunch of html/css/js files (all minimized and so on).

If the PWA (progressive web app) aspect of it also interest you, it might need (I'll have to check) some fine tuning, but otherwise it's really only a good old dumb website to host somewhere.

I could work to fix the docker image in the following days, but I can also give you the procedure to compile it from the sources if you only want the html/css/js package if you like.

@sengi_app The more static, the better! But ideally, the deployment would be automatic, so that I can configure e.g. the URL for the build.

If that's possible, it would probably not be hard to write a docker image that compiles the code, copies the static content in a web dir, and sets up a simple webserver around this.

Is there need for permanent data, e.g. for the auth keys?

@mxmehl no there isn't any permanent data on the server since all is done client side (and stay there, in fact, I don't even know how many users Sengi have since there is absolutely no data coming back to me).

I do have CI/CD pipelines working if you want (so you could host a fork and let the CI/CD do the job for you with your own FTP):

But I'll try to fix the docker image anyway, it will be nice to have it usable again so (...)

@sengi_app thank you! The docker image is preferred, because with my/our CI/CD will probably be a bit harder to simulate what you have done :) looking forward to it,I really like the project!

@mxmehl glad you like it! 🙂
I'll notify you when the new docker image will be available. 😉

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