What's the easiest and most upgrade-resistent way to add custom CSS to a 's interface?

Thanks for any hints!

cc @hostsharing

@mxmehl @hostsharing define changes via configuration management and test them after every update.You can also try to do this by forking greenlight and keep the changes in a branch an merge updates into that branch. I'd prefer config manegement.

@mxmehl @hostsharing any software, like e.g. ansible. There are modules like template or lineinfile which help you change configuration files based on their content. Have you heard of ansible?

@senfcall @hostsharing Yes, sure, I just thought you meant a special conf system for BBB.

Where would you recommend to make CSS changes in Greenlight then? Do you mount the CSS directory of the GL docker container as a volume to persist the changed scss files, or would you rather add a custom CSS file in /var/www/... and change the template somewhere?

Sorry for the naïve questions, BBB is rather new to me

@hostsharing @mxmehl @senfcall Thanks for the recommendation @hostsharing. Just drop me a message if you need any further help 🙂

@mxmehl @hostsharing We did not change the stylesheets but the content, so we forked greenlight for out changes and use our fork for deployment. However we switched to applying changes via ansible because it's less work and easier to update. The easiest way probably would be to add a custom CSS file and override the values you want to change. This way you do not have to actually change greenlight (except stylesheet addition). We had many problems while trying to change the docker container.

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