Activity Package: The has launched an activity package for organisations and individuals to raise awareness and empower them to advocate for users' device sovereignty in their countries.

Because it is the time to establish this right in all 27 EU member states, we need the help of organisations and individuals!

@fsfe especially since for the cable network in Germany it's a pain to get a compatible modem. Waiting now for 4 months since we have only one shop for those and they have long waiting times. Nobody wants a crippled provider router!

@grimneko Oh, that's bad. Which router are you looking for? These are really long delivery times.

Please also share your experience in our survey. This is useful data for us to argue with:

@fsfe Router freedom essentially killed the cable modem market in Germany, forcing users to use either the provider router (which might not have bridge mode) or buy a Fritz!Box.

Before router freedom, you got a modem, and put your own router behind it.

There are one or two modems that are compatible with EuroDOCSIS 3.1 that one shop imports, but they're not officially marketed for Germany.

In summary, router freedom brought the opposite.



@juliank @fsfe @grimneko I see where you are coming from, but would still disagree. Also having to use an ISPs modem ("point B" in BEREC speech) neglects sovereignty over your devices. Furthermore, even back then you were not able to always get a modem (made these experiences with KabelBW and UM myself, and of course also with DSL connections).

The choice is still limited in the cable market, but at least there is one! And if we get Router Freedom in more EU states, demand/supply increases

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