Highly inspiring and thought-provoking talk by Cory @pluralistic at the @fsfe's community event! Also, great discussion with the crowd now 😳

You are a in Germany and interested in ? Join me and the other @fsfe system hackers as a working student, and help running our organisation's infra!

All details: fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202010

In einem Statement für weise ich (@fsfe) darauf hin, dass ein Multifunktionswerkzeug ist, mit dem legale und illegale Dinge getan werden können. -Projekte hier rechtlich zu belangen ist daher der falsche Weg.


The @fsfe System Hackers usually collaborate virtually, but also meet regularly in person. Read about our recent in and the current state of the services and systems

My recipe for not going crazy during social distancing and crisis mode: have a light lunch in the sunshine and enjoy the river flowing by

Die @fsfe stellt ein: Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung. In dieser Position seid ihr das administrative Rückgrat unserer vielfältigen Aktivitäten. In und .

Wir freuen uns über Bewerbungen bis zum 2. April. Sagt es gerne weiter! fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202003

Strukturelle Diskriminierung kann auch durch Software stattfinden, sagt @kattascha beim . Sehr spannend auch aus Sicht von !

Auf dem Weg nach Zürich zum der Digitalen Gesellschaft Schweiz. Ich freue mich auf spannende Vorträge und viele alte und neue Gesichter! Und wer um 15:00 noch nichts vor hat, kommt gerne zu meinem Vortrag zu vorbei: digitale-gesellschaft.ch/kongr

Who are the hidden champions on your computer? For this year's day I've digged into my system and thank the ones who enable my daily self-determined work:

Thanks to everyone who contributes to software freedom!

Developing is fun, providing and information is not. Join my 15min talk today at 13:20 in H.2215 to see how can fix this – simple guidelines, nice tooling, everyone's happy (at least a bit more)!


Loud frowns in the room about the answer by a Dutch court on a request for source code: "Source Code is not the reusable form of a computer program". WHAT?

Thanks to the Dutch @fsfe country team for their long-term work, and for not becoming demotivated by such misconceptions!

"In order to have you need full control over your software stack (and ideally over your hardware as well)"

Relevant in so many different areas, also in the public health system, as Axel and Luis demonstrate with at pre- @fsfe

A short break, then the @fsfe pre- event will continue with exciting topics like in the health sector, Albania, France, a court case in the Netherlands, and in education in Switzerland. Not to mention all the interesting informal chats!

The situation of in is not ideal, but slowly improving especially thanks to the continuous work by . It's great to know that communities all over Europe care about fostering software freedom! @fsfe pre-

10 minutes to do something against ? @fsf's John Sullivan introducing the "International day against DRM" at @fsfe's community meeting!

The / @fsfe community meeting starts with an introduction by @PiratKolaja to the state of Free Software in Europe and the . Crowded room!

Off to a long journey to , equipped with this both enjoyable and horrifying masterpiece by . I keep thinking about how the community can contribute to improving the whole situation

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