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Who says you can only outdoors? We build up a yurt within our community room as the place to be for our participants of . A special feeling indeed!

Today is JOTA/JOTI, the largest digital event. This year we have the German headquarter here in and offer a broad band of activities: , chatrooms to connect to scouts worldwide, soldering and of course fun games. Proud to be part of it!

Which browser is consuming much more power than competitive ones? @3rik presenting interesting numbers and thoughts on in connection with at the @fsfe GA.

So, what's your guess?

After 2 years of work in the @FOSS4SMEs project, we present recommendations to policy makers how to uptake the usage of in small and medium-sized enterprises. Great input by @cedricth!

We're gonna get toasted tonight in Novi Sad after . Looking forward to the best burgers in town!

closing now :'/ see you next year! What a great event again, thanks to the organisers and participants ♥️

The latest version of the helper tool is also available on Arch Linux (via AUR) now. Check it out and use it to make your project's licensing clear and simple!

Mal wieder über 1h Verspätung. @DB_Bahn, wann kann ich mein Fahrgastrechte-Formular endlich online ausfüllen und absenden?

While everyone seemed to be at , and , I was in and enjoyed its breathtaking nature.
The most amazing tech thing I learnt: I had free mobile roaming, although Iceland is not in the EU. Thank you for tearing down digital borders!

TIL about , a handy tool to show the progress of typical commands like cp, mv, dd, or even sha256sum, tar and gpg. Nice!

Arrived at with some delay, and the name tags are just awesome ❤️

Starting my journey to @passthesaltcon in ! Looking forward to a nice mix of security and communities, and my talk on Wednesday

A small and fun history of how it all started with Bell Labs, UNIX and eventually GNU and Linux by Mihael Mercvajler at . Watch it on stream now or the recording later and see which and how geniuses made modern computing possible!

Bad news: the has been adopted. BUT fortunately we achieved an exclusion for code hosting and sharing providers.

Next step: Let's get the upload filters as transparent and independent as possible!

.@zeitonline speichert eine Umfrage über das Blaumachen in forms. Interessant ist die Einschätzung, dass Google nicht in der Lage wäre, an die Daten zu kommen. Das dürfte so nicht stimmen, da die AES-Schlüssel bei Google gespeichert werden:

Das war's! Wieder mal wundervolle Chemnitzer Linuxtage sind vorbei - viele gute Gespräche, interessante Vorträge und ein tolles Publikum haben die zu einer großartigen Veranstaltung gemacht. Das @fsfe Team sagt Danke und freut sich auf das nächste Jahr :)

is a threat for user freedom on smartphones, routers and many more devices. But by Monday, you can give your feedback to the .

It's important to show that we care about freedom! Participating is not hard, all info here:

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