's Davide Ricci announces more information about their strategy in Europe.

They start with a public policy, training, compliance, and eventually automatic BOM generation. @fsfe, Array and assist them


Interesting project by the Danish company Magenta: spots sensitive related data in organisations' emails, files and other sources. It's already used by administrations in Denmark, Greece and Sweden 👍


You have 25 minutes and want to explore the greater scope of our political and social system, , copyright, lobbying, democracy and regulation? Listen to this inspiring podcast episode of the @fsfe with Lawrence @Lessig!


Before anyone wastes more time: the standard 10 image of virtual servers (CX..) is somehow incompatible with @nextcloud's high-performance backend, as we found out at @fsfe. Install from the Debian10 netinstall ISO instead. Thx @bjoern for debug help!

More than ever, it is important to choose your tools wisely. Do not fall for gratis offers and what "everyone" is using. Check whether the applications and services actually empower or rather restrict you!


The Czech toll system had quite a few scandals, now the next: ACTUM Digital, the company behind it, confuses gratis with : joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection

The Czech transport ministry must ensure to release it under a Free Software license!

Thanks to , .de , -linux, , and the many other journalists, writers and platforms that keep me up-to-date about the latest news around !

Who are the hidden champions on your computer? For this year's day I've digged into my system and thank the ones who enable my daily self-determined work:

Thanks to everyone who contributes to software freedom!

Developing is fun, providing and information is not. Join my 15min talk today at 13:20 in H.2215 to see how can fix this – simple guidelines, nice tooling, everyone's happy (at least a bit more)!


A short break, then the @fsfe pre- event will continue with exciting topics like in the health sector, Albania, France, a court case in the Netherlands, and in education in Switzerland. Not to mention all the interesting informal chats!

The situation of in is not ideal, but slowly improving especially thanks to the continuous work by . It's great to know that communities all over Europe care about fostering software freedom! @fsfe pre-

The / @fsfe community meeting starts with an introduction by @PiratKolaja to the state of Free Software in Europe and the . Crowded room!

On my way to the community meeting organised by @fsfe. Join us at Mundo-b, starting in 15 minutes until 19:00
osmand.net/go?lat=50.83787&lon pre-

Off to a long journey to , equipped with this both enjoyable and horrifying masterpiece by . I keep thinking about how the community can contribute to improving the whole situation

Success of the day: my insurance broker sent me sensible private information via a proprietary "cloud" provider the other day. I told them why this is bad, and recommended better alternatives. Today I learnt that they will migrate to 🎉

adoption increases every day. Today I learnt that Jens Lechtenbörger made his presentations REUSE compliant. Yet another small but important step towards making licensing easier to understand for everyone.


Make sure to make yourself heard when regulators decide whether your router belongs to you - or to your internet service provider 😱

The @fsfe shared their response to the current draft, so it's easier for you to write your own statement. But hurry, only 22 hours left!


You are at and interested in license compliance? Join my talk about in 15 minutes (16:20) in room Rhône 1! It's a project by the @fsfe to make licensing easier for everyone.


Community is power! It's so great to see what we together achieved during the past 12 months at @fsfe to boost , and that's only a small fraction: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201910

Thanks to everyone who contributes as volunteer, supporter or donor and enables our work!

A small team of volunteers takes care that @fsfe's infrastructure keeps running and continuously evolves. Read about their most recent and their roadmap for a large organisation's systems.


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