Success of the day: my insurance broker sent me sensible private information via a proprietary "cloud" provider the other day. I told them why this is bad, and recommended better alternatives. Today I learnt that they will migrate to 🎉

adoption increases every day. Today I learnt that Jens Lechtenbörger made his presentations REUSE compliant. Yet another small but important step towards making licensing easier to understand for everyone.

Make sure to make yourself heard when regulators decide whether your router belongs to you - or to your internet service provider 😱

The @fsfe shared their response to the current draft, so it's easier for you to write your own statement. But hurry, only 22 hours left!

You are at and interested in license compliance? Join my talk about in 15 minutes (16:20) in room Rhône 1! It's a project by the @fsfe to make licensing easier for everyone.

Community is power! It's so great to see what we together achieved during the past 12 months at @fsfe to boost , and that's only a small fraction:

Thanks to everyone who contributes as volunteer, supporter or donor and enables our work!

A small team of volunteers takes care that @fsfe's infrastructure keeps running and continuously evolves. Read about their most recent and their roadmap for a large organisation's systems.

Which browser is consuming much more power than competitive ones? @3rik presenting interesting numbers and thoughts on in connection with at the @fsfe GA.

So, what's your guess?

After 2 years of work in the @FOSS4SMEs project, we present recommendations to policy makers how to uptake the usage of in small and medium-sized enterprises. Great input by @cedricth!

The latest version of the helper tool is also available on Arch Linux (via AUR) now. Check it out and use it to make your project's licensing clear and simple!

Schedule for @BalCC0n next week is online! Many interesting talks ahead. I will speak on Saturday about how contributes to security:

Also make sure to pass by the @fsfe booth in the assembly area. Looking forward to 3 exciting days!

Good analysis by James Sanders about why should make the code of their network equipment . Open code has a great potential for security, public trust, and innovation!

Yeah, I have been accepted as speaker for ! Join this nice conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, and get to know its excellent and IT security community.

In 25 minutes, I will talk about the interplay between and at . Looking forward to speak in front of this awesome audience!

Starting my journey to @passthesaltcon in ! Looking forward to a nice mix of security and communities, and my talk on Wednesday

Bad news: the has been adopted. BUT fortunately we achieved an exclusion for code hosting and sharing providers.

Next step: Let's get the upload filters as transparent and independent as possible!

Great discussions going on at @fsfe booth in building K! Come by, get some stickers, and let's talk about and !

Just was reminded again we have an Albanian translation for . Always happy to see how many translations we have for "Public Money ". In the case of the Albanian translations, thanks a lot to

Why should governments develop ?
The FSFE publishes a new expert policy brochure today to answer the most important questions about “Public Money? Public Code!", including practical guidelines. Get your copy today:

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