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Out of curiosity, I tested this fancy "Networking App" for . Seems like it does not really like people who prefer plain text emails m(

You are at and interested in license compliance? Join my talk about in 15 minutes (16:20) in room Rhône 1! It's a project by the @fsfe to make licensing easier for everyone.

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Your is important equipment because it connects your devices to the internet. However, many Internet Service Providers in Europe are imposing their specific routers to customers. The helps you to become active for !

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On my way to in Lyon! Looking forward to my tomorrow's talk about and how the @fsfe makes licensing easier for developers and re-users with three simple steps.

Community is power! It's so great to see what we together achieved during the past 12 months at @fsfe to boost , and that's only a small fraction:

Thanks to everyone who contributes as volunteer, supporter or donor and enables our work!

A small team of volunteers takes care that @fsfe's infrastructure keeps running and continuously evolves. Read about their most recent and their roadmap for a large organisation's systems.

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The yearly report is out: "Software freedom in Europe 2019"

Read about what we have done and achieved during the last 12 months to empower
users to control technology:

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10+ huge solo projects, 40+ support tickets, 3 new apps that still need to be configured and an IT Plan that has to be finished today.

If anyone needs me, I'm hiding under my desk. #sysadminlife

Liebe @DB_Bahn, warum kann ich bei euch online keine rein innerdeutsche Fahrt von Konstanz nach Berlin mit dem Nightjet buchen? Und warum kostet das Ticket via Hotline mindestens 50% mehr als über @unsereOEBB? Sorry, aber das ist doch total Banane...

Who says you can only outdoors? We build up a yurt within our community room as the place to be for our participants of . A special feeling indeed!

Today is JOTA/JOTI, the largest digital event. This year we have the German headquarter here in and offer a broad band of activities: , chatrooms to connect to scouts worldwide, soldering and of course fun games. Proud to be part of it!

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Just found this article about Greenpeace becoming an 'open source' organisation. Quite ironic, since a few months ago I met one of their principal IT managers, who openly mocked our efforts to use #foss and #opensource IT in-house. Greenpeace relies 100% on Google's Gsuite. Any comparison with fair trade coffee was met with a "yeah but this is easier, we just don't care about Google's dubious side."

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Don't miss 's software freedom ! The first episode is about the day against with Cory Doctorow as guest

Which browser is consuming much more power than competitive ones? @3rik presenting interesting numbers and thoughts on in connection with at the @fsfe GA.

So, what's your guess?

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Making IT security a strategic topic for @fsfe - thanks to @mxmehl for taking this issue forward! Following up from last year's definition of priorities #fsfeGA2019

After 2 years of work in the @FOSS4SMEs project, we present recommendations to policy makers how to uptake the usage of in small and medium-sized enterprises. Great input by @cedricth!

My to-do list at work is long, and I have a lot of overtime to reduce which I'd love to rather spend sleeping and relaxing on a sunny Friday. But because politics does not get things done, I will have to take action and go on today. See you in the streets in

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