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Richtig toll, was der RLP/Saar-Landesverband der -Pfadfinder hier gemacht hat! Die "Software-Tipps für virtuelle Veranstaltungen" sind größtenteils . Damit begibt man sich nicht in unnötige Abhängigkeiten.

Before anyone wastes more time: the standard 10 image of virtual servers (CX..) is somehow incompatible with @nextcloud's high-performance backend, as we found out at @fsfe. Install from the Debian10 netinstall ISO instead. Thx @bjoern for debug help!

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Some collectively wrote about the good reasons to use for and collected a detailed list of good solutions that respect your freedom:

The @fsfe System Hackers usually collaborate virtually, but also meet regularly in person. Read about our recent in and the current state of the services and systems

More than ever, it is important to choose your tools wisely. Do not fall for gratis offers and what "everyone" is using. Check whether the applications and services actually empower or rather restrict you!

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FSFE in times of : How a virus affects us

For our community and other charitable organisations we would share our experiences and lessons learnt from the Corona crisis.

Ich musste jetzt Klopapier aus dem Büro "klauen", weil wir seit Tagen keines mehr in diversen Supermärkten bekommen. Danke an die unsolidarischen Vollpfosten, die sich unbedingt bis zur nächsten Eiszeit damit eindecken mussten 😠

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We have upgraded our instance at to the latest version today 🎉

supporters and volunteers can now make use of the features @giteaio version 1.11 offers

My recipe for not going crazy during social distancing and crisis mode: have a light lunch in the sunshine and enjoy the river flowing by

Die @fsfe stellt ein: Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung. In dieser Position seid ihr das administrative Rückgrat unserer vielfältigen Aktivitäten. In und .

Wir freuen uns über Bewerbungen bis zum 2. April. Sagt es gerne weiter!

Mutter eines Schülers meiner Freundin so zu ihr:
"Wegen Corona müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen um meinen Sohn machen, der ist glaube ich geimpft... oder... doch ja"

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The FSFE is looking for an

We are looking for an executive assistant to support our work to empower people to control technology. The person will work 25-35 hours per week with our team in the and will be in charge of the FSFE's Berlin office operations.

Die einzige genannte App andOTP, die den Schutz gegen das Abgreifen von OTP-Codes via Screenshots richtig aktiviert hat, ist Freie Software und über erhältlich!

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Ein unvollständiges Protokoll rechtsextremer Straftaten und Ereignisse in den Tagen nach Hanau. Von den meisten habe ich nichts gewusst. Das macht mir fast noch mehr Angst als die Taten selbst, denn sie scheinen damit Normalität zu werden.

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According to law, you should be able to use your own router to connect to the internet in . But @mxmehl and Lucas experienced soft and hard barriers against .

Read their story and how you can defend yourself:

The Czech toll system had quite a few scandals, now the next: ACTUM Digital, the company behind it, confuses gratis with :

The Czech transport ministry must ensure to release it under a Free Software license!

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Sounds like a crazy spy technique: you can command a mobile phone with activated voice control via ultrasonic waves. The attack is known as . So better think twice before giving permissions to such services...

Serious question: who wants to install a proprietary malware scanner on their -based operating system?

Background: offers their "fileless malware scanner":

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