With news of Unroll.me selling user inbox info to Uber, lots of people are repeating "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

I've said before, and will continue to say, that that is the wrong formulation. Sometimes you pay for it and you're still the product – look at US ISPs. Sometimes you don't pay for it and you're not the product – free software.

The real question is whether a software or service empowers users, which can't be boiled down to whether you paid.

a "meritocracy" is not necessarily a good thing even in theory but it is hilarious that capitalism apologists claim one exists or could exist under capitalism, the economic system in which power to make decisions is wholly uncoupled from competence

Everyone read this incredible essay by @u2764

"Mourning Mastodon"


If you're wondering why I stopped working in MastoDev, and why my posts about how development already includes marginalized voices are no longer applicable, then read that essay because it gets into all of it super fucking well

when i was little my dad paid me $5 to go tell someone he disagreed with that his point of view was "exceedingly obvious even to the most casual observer" i couldnt say it at first so he had to rehearse it with me word by word. see this is how the boomer generation set up their millennial children for a lifetime of disappointment in the employment market wrt compensation, job duties, and training

It's okay, next weekend I'll get to take some time and--JUST KIDDING I'll be househunting in ATX all weekend while also trying to get work done.


I like taking them out and showing them things, and also it's about as much effort as my job and takes about the same amount of recovery time. 😪

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My parents are in town for a few days and they're great people and I love them very much and I'm glad they're here and also now I feel like I've been working all weekend 😩

"What can I do today that will make tomorrow easier for me" is a good question to constantly consider. Those days where the answer is "Nothing" are exactly the days you're doing it for.

I'm burnt out on edginess masquerading as political radicalism and I'm going to devote time to cultivating radical softness in conjunction with anarchism AND NONE OF YOU FUCKERS CAN STOP ME

When you try to understand toots written in Japanese, you sometimes can't get correct translation. Don't worry. Some of the Japanese toots do not make sense to even me.

Please remember that you are good and worthy and valuable. Thank you for being here.

Most thing that you have or want to say have already been said by someone else. Probably more aptly than you'll ever be able to put it, too.
This is good. It means you can learn from those who have gone before. It also means that you can let go of the pressure to be original, and focus on being you.
This here life is hard enough without it being a competition, too.

update: firmware is now NodeMCU 2.0.0-master. annoying noises are being generated properly.

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> grab an esp8266 that I won in a cereal box
> try to make annoying noises come out of it
... it does not work.

> read the docs
... ok, i'm invoking that function properly
> read the source
... but seriously, it's like it doesn't even--
> waaaaaaait a second.

> git blame app/modules/gpio.c -L /serout/ | head
... feature was added 2015-04-03
> power cycle the board
... NodeMCU 0.9.5 build 20150308
> mystery solved.

g'awooooooooooooooooooooood morning, friends & strangers & strange friends

Rent (the musical), Poverty, Politics 

I realize this analysis is pretty long (45 min), but if you're anything like me (queer, white, grew up in a suburban home in the 1990s), you might have identified with RENT growing up.

This analysis breaks down *so much* that is wrong with the musical, including the romanticization of poverty and the adoption of "bohemian" ideals by kids who are, essentially, entitled trust-fund babies.

This is the link:


My favorite part of mastodon is all the fine folks who see something that clearly does not have them as the intended target audience, and go "that is so cool!" instead of "I demand that this be changed into something I, the protagonist of reality, can understand"

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