UPDATE: Motion for summary judgment denied in #GNU General Public License #GPL compliance case Artifex v. Hancom. https://u.fsf.org/2c8

Only Apple.
4 big cores (Mistral)/2 little(Monsoon) in the Apple A11.
Faster than anything else by a huge margin.

Hey #infosec -

Intel AMT has some issues. It's a way of doing out of band management of hardware. Most of you probably don't care about it, but there's going to be some hardware type patches soonish.

In the meantime, set your firewalls to deny port 623, 664, and 16992 - 16995 at your gateways, and set your IDS to look for that traffic originating from any systems other than those specifically authorized.

Or disable AMT entirely.

Télécharges depuis GitHub (onglet releases), le developer mode n'est pas requis depuis un bon moment.

No mitigation is better than running in an interpreter/bytecode VM in these cases. CPUs will always have bugs.

Les pages web non sécurisées ne sont pas altérées?

I'm rooting from a native UWP Mastodon app on my Windows 10 Mobile phone. ;) It works just fine.

Mastodon works just fine -- even when you can't see the images.

But how can I turn Mastodon into a money-making machine?
*thinks about it*
*opens a webshop that sells pineapples, introductory books on the French language, and incrementally larger server thingamajigs*

@Support would be nice to have native Mastodon on Windows in the future still ;)
I've put Redis and Postgres on Windows and Mastodon itself in a Linux machine for now, to get around the bugs. The Linux machine isn't connected to the internet, as nginx is on Windows.

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