What do I do if Mastodon is incredibly slow? @Support
I get duration=101.58 and some other absurd durations for fullfilling requests... on a bare install with 16GB of RAM

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@Support after all, it was a Windows SubSystem for Linux bug, that makes Puma almost unusable...
(Linux binary compatibility layer for Windows)

@Support would be nice to have native Mastodon on Windows in the future still ;)
I've put Redis and Postgres on Windows and Mastodon itself in a Linux machine for now, to get around the bugs. The Linux machine isn't connected to the internet, as nginx is on Windows.

@my123 You could always try and figure it out yourself then send a PR for Windows support?

@slipstream it's Ruby on Rails itself that is broken, wishing that it was only the Mastodon app ;)

@my123 I guess for now you could run it entirely on a Windows box if you ran the Mastodon part in WSL.. or is that cheating? :P

@slipstream @my123 Puma is broken in WSL(well, kind of broken, takes anywhere from 30 to 120 SECONDS to answer a request)

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