new friends migrating over to mastodon, if you're looking for a more tweetdeck-like interface, kurotodon is a google chrome plugin that lets you have all your mastodon instances in one place. you can get it here:

I'm excited for more people to join mastodon

they take nazi shit seriously. It's good, it does feel more peaceful here doesn't it

so.... I wrote an illustrated novella. basically, a grown-up picture book, and I plan to release it next month or so, if all goes according to plan.

it'll be published here:

Man, lots of folks joining Mastodon lately, my TL is really shaping up πŸ˜ƒ

chinese stir fry for lunch today and it is so delicioussssssssss

stir fry cauliflower and eggplant is the best

and, if I go back and post on twitter and forget about it, then I look like a piece of hypocritical shit too

I hate everything

sigh now because I participated in this boycott now I look like a fucking yoghurt feminist

I can't even win with fellow feminists anymore roflmao

Reminder: you can use the Mastodon Bridge to connect up with Twitter friends who've come here (and registered) as well as using the hashtag to find new friends.

So the narrative now is that we're all ditching twitter because solidarity only gets shown for white women and... Like I don't doubt there's racism there but there are so many reasons to ditch twitter, more than just this last week's events, I'm not ditching it for that Rose person, I'm ditching it so people can consider switching to Mastodon because twitter is a bot filled nazi sanctuary

I hope that today, the boycott day, sends more folks to mastodon, and we can start The Great Migration here to a decentralized network.


Must watch video for all who have paid attention to Laci Green ever.

Thanks to kat blaque for patiently parsing through so many important points

I still think that the option "followers only" should be "mutuals only", one cannot control who follows them :(

ugh the list of instances is all fucked up.

how do I sort by usercount anymore? come on, what is this wizard garbage :(

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