So the narrative now is that we're all ditching twitter because solidarity only gets shown for white women and... Like I don't doubt there's racism there but there are so many reasons to ditch twitter, more than just this last week's events, I'm not ditching it for that Rose person, I'm ditching it so people can consider switching to Mastodon because twitter is a bot filled nazi sanctuary

sigh now because I participated in this boycott now I look like a fucking yoghurt feminist

I can't even win with fellow feminists anymore roflmao

and, if I go back and post on twitter and forget about it, then I look like a piece of hypocritical shit too

I hate everything

@my2k totally. it's frustrating that folks are looking at what's happening and thinking that this isn't because of what jamele hill or leslie jones went through as well. talk hasn't worked with twitter. you have to start stealing their lunch.

@Gargron someone who doesn't understand or respect intersectional feminism

@my2k Ah, I see. I figured it was "white feminist", but this is more specific. Thanks.

@Gargron there's also a thing where white women criticizing other white women while drawing attention to that fact is considered performative so I try to avoid that directly

@my2k @Gargron twitter is SO performative now. people don't TALK anymore.

@morit @my2k I'm still convince the quote tweet feature is corrosive to communities. It encourages performative acts towards followers instead of 1:1 conversations

@Gargron @morit ah I like it, I like showing cute cool things to people in a way that I select, while chiming in if I have a comment about it

@my2k honestly trying to b unproblematic is impossible?as long as we don't use the fact we will screw up as an excuse.i think boosting the voices of marginalized ppl helps.there r ppl who've chosen not to tweet themselves while RT BIPOC. it seems like a useful middle so far.

@my2k There's always a bad take on anything. I say, don't listen to those people, and don't take it to heart. There's a social inertia - the first time something happened, some people reacted. The second time, more people will react, because there's a precedent. And so on. Besides, when the Leslie Jones event happened, I don't think Mastodon was there yet? There wasn't an alternative back then.

@my2k It's all so fecking complicated. There's good reasons to participate. There's valid criticisms. There's good reasons not to participate. It's just, try to be aware but also DAMN. Do whatever works for you. Regardless, this wasn't really organized or well thought out so no one should fell bad for either nor changing thier minds.

@my2k "Conservatives look for converts. Leftists look for traitors."

Maybe people are only feeling solidarity now because Rose is a white woman. Okay. Let's build on that success. Instead of telling everybody what they're doing wrong and exactly why they're not the perfect leftist yet, let's build something on what we're doing right.

@my2k Do people not realize what happened to Rose is only part of a bigger issue at hand or are they just that ignorant to how many white supremacists on are Twitter l o l

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