Had to jump back eleven versions (from Snap to Firefox-ESR), but finally got #Firefox to work with #KeePass on #Debian. I think I can live with this for now.

I never thought of listening to the soundtrack while working. It's a pretty relaxing experience, to say the least. youtube.com/watch?v=aQeIYVM3YB

Ending the day with as many items on the To-Do list as there used to be at the start of a day a few months back isn't the best.

If you're still using #VirtualBox, you should give #VirtManager a try. It's another great virtualization solution. Bonus: Importing VDIs is supported too!

Booted into the #Windows partition on my #Thinkpad after a week and found no new software updates. Never been more disappointed with #Windows before! 🤓

Running a system update and not having to see the whole world turn upside-down is a gift! #Debian #Linux

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