Being able to use "#!/usr/bin/env cl" as a could be a blessing. I can't wait to replace at least some of my and scripts with !

I'm literally under attack! All this within a matter of a few minutes. PS: The counts are usually zero.

Just finished in about 5 hours. I'd recommend if you (like me) don't have tens of hours for a story. It's also a great example of how you don't need a lot to deliver a memorable experience in a game.

I've been looking at Bootstrap 5 lately and found this kind these CSS features. I remember Bootstrap 3 didn't go this far with CSS utility classes. Also, `!important` as a style rule? I don't know what to say, or maybe I'm too already a primitive developer? 🙄

Looks like someone just broke my speed record and with a huge margin. Oh wait, that's me! Did he just grant me my wish? 🚵‍♂️

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Seeing spaces in the browser address bar, I almost lost hope on life until I realized that's how shows spaces instead of escaping them with '%20's.😲

There used to be a time when there was hardly anything that made us feel more accomplished than seeing this (and hearing the satisfying 8-bit background music at the end of each level).

And... it's back. It should be a good thing but I'm more worried than "excited". 😧 My is broken, isn't reading all apps and then there's this. I'm not even remotely in a mood to start over.

That awkward moment when Chevy Silverado starts to look like a Corvette!


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