Firstly, I never thought that the back-button focus would be so helpful while taking pictures. Then even before I could adopt it, finding a super-weird alternative to achieve approximately the same thing without actually configuring it changed even more.

When you boot into just to install updates and return back to ...

Out of all the things I love about the thing I love the most is their simple integration with Linux, which even in 2020, is far ahead of . You can get it on any distribution and it works just the same as it does on and

After 4 years of "not being able to escape ", I finally gifted myself the arguably expensive premium upgrade on my birthday. My setup just got stronger! 🐮

I just tried the latest #Arch ISO, the new installer with speech accessibility is cool!

I've recently started using a tag called 'focus' and re-evaluate the tasks that need to be tagged every week. I started with a policy of having only 3 to 4 items per week but my recent performance stats might convince me to drop it down to 1!

I finally (in the real sense) realized the use of Start Dates in after almost four years of use and now I can't imagine my To-Do list without it.

My new favorite Distro (once more) for getting people into #Linux is @elementary. It's not scary as people believe Linux to be, has the potential to impress #macOS users, and just works! PS: there's much more to ElementaryOS than just the visuals, which it has been popular for.

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