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That realization that the game has only one "Common" trophy, leaving all others either "Rare", "Very Rare or "Ultra Rare"!

Oh, those goosebumps as I listen to "Vegas", "Sunday" and "Dreamland"!

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No other music album has 'moved' my mind more than this one. Listening to the album more than twice a day back to back while looking up at the sky back in 2011 when I first discovered this masterpiece forms one of my fondest memories of this material life to date.

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Looks like someone just broke my speed record and with a huge margin. Oh wait, that's me! Did he just grant me my wish? πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ

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So close! May God grant me more pedaling strength! πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ

Seeing spaces in the browser address bar, I almost lost hope on life until I realized that's how shows spaces instead of escaping them with '%20's.😲

I never knew there was so much story behind this song that's not exactly my type but I still liked:

I'll definitely say that my transition to in 2017 was way less intimidating than my turning back to in 2020. I just want to write code that makes me feel good.πŸ˜•

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On the other hand, unlike what most developers might think, is so welcoming! It lets you work with the base language features and once you get over the fact that you're returning DOM elements from functions, everything else is just flows.

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There's so many things for an 'newbie' to worry about. Firstly you don't write at all then you have magical constructs like 'decorators' that I feel belong in and then there's a generator that'll not write code the way you would've written.

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Returning to after over five years is not fun at all. Why would someone invest so much in a web framework when they know it will be replaced with something "cooler" and "next-gen" before you know it?

Going through docs after over five years and finding things so complicated. Why do we have to make things so overly complex when parallels like make it feel natural? πŸ™„

I've been looking for a practical solution for remote access across my workstations and (just like many people say) I found @NoMachine to be surprisingly easy and performant with no difficult steps involved.

There used to be a time when there was hardly anything that made us feel more accomplished than seeing this (and hearing the satisfying 8-bit background music at the end of each level).

I wish I could strike off my To-Do items at least as quickly as I create them. On the other hand I also wonder what it would be like to virtually have nothing to do at all.

And... it's back. It should be a good thing but I'm more worried than "excited". 😧 My is broken, isn't reading all apps and then there's this. I'm not even remotely in a mood to start over.

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