Damn! Keine unbefristete Sozialbindung für öffentlich geförderte Wohnungen möglich: vdw-rw.de/aktuelles/newsdetail

Deswegen ist es so wichtig, dass ihr darauf achtet, bei wem ihr wohnt! (Auch wenn man meist kaum Alternativen hat.)

When doing multiple case studies, you always have a favourite one. It's like parents claiming they love all of their kids equally. Don't believe that shit. twitter.com/orcatweet/status/1

Kurzgesagt (In A Nutshell) just put out a #video on loneliness, which might inspire you to reach out more to people around you


Always love me a good viz of the German education system pic.twitter.com/Yk5pDF4beR twitter.com/PEngzell/status/10

Riot, flagship client for the decentralized messaging protocol Matrix, releases 1.0 with a much improved design. reddit.com/r/linux/comments/aq

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