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" launched their project on Twitter called (the streets of women), in which they generated a map to analyse the gender balance in street nomenclature in Latin America and Spain, linked to the Wikipedia biographies of women who have a street named after them."

I want to #DeleteFacebook, but all of my friends and family are on there.

Maybe if I post an update that says "hey, I'm leaving in 24 hours, here's how you can contact me / here's where my social web persona lives", and download all of the photos I want to save, that would be a good start?

It's not like I actually enjoy Facebook at this point, it's just that my footprint there is huge and that's how everyone gets a hold of me.

You can be cynic about it, but I really appreciate a small by Jens Geier (German Social Democrat at the ). He describes the ongoing debates and decisions. Keep in mind: I am neither a fan nor a voter of the social democrats.

RT Have you ever used At your company, your university, your NGO or at home? Then you should be worried about EU reform:

German supermarket ad display proudly running on SUSE linux

We need to . Start with your family, friends or your local hackerspace. Regarding: and now common DDoS-Attacks on

"Thanks to for killing off and support, which brought a lot of people to !" Thanks Mathew and your team for your work on .

Tja. Pinkstinks wirkt. Habe eben das Hornbachvideo beim @ZappMM gesehen und was steht im Abspann? "Danke an @pinkstinksde"
Ich danke auch. Für euren unermüdlichen Einsatz. Ihr macht mir so viel Mut. <3

Telegram and Signal down. Fediverse still fine.

May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?

Wer guckt hier noch dem Walulis seine Videos?

Hebt mal kurz die Hand :P

Update zu der skizzierten Freiheit statt Angst 2018-Demo:
Der anvisierte Zeitpunkt ist auf den September verlegt, damit genügend Vorlauf vorhanden ist. Am nächsten Freitag gibt es ein informelles Treffen. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass wir eine FsA2018 haben werden, wird im Moment auf 73,8 % geschätzt. ;)Wer sich schon mal für Mitarbeit melden möchte, um die Chancen zu erhöhen:,de/