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#saveyourinternet #deleteart13 #acta2018

More phoning will come tomorrow.

@rysiek It was not as scary as I thought it would be.

Danke an meine Heimatgemeinde Edingen-Neckarhausen, die in diesem Brief nochmal deutlich macht, warum Deutschland ein Internetentwicklungsland ist und bleiben wird. Übrigens konnte ich auch nicht herausfinden, mit wem von #Freifunk sie angeblich gesprochen hatten…

": Spoofing signatures in , , and -gnupg. All details about CVE-2018-12020 " from

The EU is about to update #Article13 to force sites to use YouTube-style content filters on all uploads.

This is a terrible idea:

Some MEPS are already fighting back:

but they need as many allies as possible:

Please email/call your MEP as soon as you can (as in today!), tell them that these changes are dangerous to European freedom, business and culture.

List of MEPs & contacts:


Noch hast du Zeit das Urheberrecht zu retten, nutze die Tools auf um EU Parlamentarier zu kontaktieren + überzeugen, nutze Informationen auf um ihnen selbstbewusst die Probleme gut erklären zu können.

Hey everyone, long time no speak! Hope you're enjoying :)

Just wanted to let you all know that we've been doing E3 coverage in a big way over at @JStationX

We've got lots of MASSIVE stories about playable female characters and LGBTQ rep/same-sex romances.

Check the links below if you're interested, and please boost 🌈


Today I learned that there are a number of Linux-based laptop shops in Europe.

Thank you,

Keep an eye on:

• StationX:
• Star Labs:
• Entroware:
• Tuxedo:
• Juno:

As you know by now: I am a big fan of and . I found the Podcast and they are talking about ( Containers for R users).

If anybody is wondering "What does Mozilla excep Firefox?" (they do a lot), then take a look at and

Reminder that our #FDroid #Fennec icon challenge is closing coming Sunday, 24:00 UTC! If you have something in progress, it's time to finish up and submit!

There are 5 days left for eligible 18 year olds to apply for one of the 15k free tickets here:

While I drink my first coffee, I install as a replacement for . SteamOS is pretty great as a " console" distro, but I have to many at , that I can't install there properly. We'll see how Solus will turn out. I like , though.

Suche nen Job für einen Freund im Außendienst/Vertrieb/Verkauf. Er ist Vater und es ist uncool, dass er seine Kids und Frau nur am Wochenende sieht. Raum Münsterland/Ruhr Pott. Wäre über Hilfe sehr erfreut.

But I'm kinda interested in why people are in a frenzy to leave GitHub due to the acquisition by Microsoft (if it turns out to be true).

Hey, Fediversemenschen, es ist quasi Wochenende! Ich möchte die Gelegenheit nutzen, um euch besser kennenzulernen. Meine #Freitagsfrage:

Was begeistert euch? Was macht ihr total gern, was reißt euch mit? Erzählt mal von euren Hobbies und Macken und Lieblingsnischen im Leben! (gern boost, gern Mehrfachantwort)

Thanks to our translator, stuff like this is translated into many languages, like for example German:


FLOSS community:
> hey let's put all our eggs in this one GitHub basket
> what could possibly go wrong
> GitHub is so convenient