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Instead of roads breaking up pavements, pavements should break up roads.

Because people walking and wheeling should get priority over cars in any area where they're likely to be in abundance.

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Juhu, die Version der #cctg App ist endlich im offiziellen #fdroid Repo angekommen. QR Check-In für alle. In gut und dezentral!

Wobei im Repo von @CCTG bereits die veröffentlicht wurde. Lohnt sich also ggf. doch einzubinden, falls man nicht immer ~1 Woche warten möchte.

@SaraSoueidan@twitter.com is launching some courses to help you make your websites more accessible, you can subscribe here to know when it starts!

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals.


Der Öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk (ÖRR) ist im Fediverse / bei Mastodon nicht vorhanden.

Wir möchten das ändern.

@lauteshirn hat dazu ein Schreiben formuliert. etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Rundf


➡ Follow,
➡ teile,
➡ bringe Dich ein mit Vorschlägen & Ideen.

New in : Improved with image alt text - Blog

The latest version of the knitr package is now on CRAN. A highlight of the version 1.32 release is the ability to add alt text to figures produced by code chunks. Read on to learn more about how to improve the accessibility of your knitted HTML-based output.


hello everyone, I'm stephanie (she/her)! #introduction

I'm a #machinelearning researcher at a big tech company, based in the UK. I did my phd in computational biology+medicine. I focus very much on ML for health, specifically critical care, physiological time series, "how to do ML well in health", etc.

Non-research activities include rollerskating/derby, gaming (computer/table-top/board), sewing, looking at birds.

job search for Linux sysadmin, boost+ :boost_ok:​ 

Dear friends,

I’m a Brazilian immigrant and trans woman, looking for a new job in Germany. Been doing Linux sysadmin’ing since 2001. I have experience also with programming, tech writing and translation.

The job needs to be registered locally in Germany. I’m living in the country since 2017, and I can commute in the NRW area or work remotely.

I’m fluent in English, know Japanese, and my German is currently at B2.

For CV and personal info DM me.

Thanks everybody for boosts and references!

Übrigens: Mittlerweile ist auch die Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg hier auf Mastodon vertreten: @lpb - herzlich willkommen 🎉

Profit and domination of the few over the lives and prosperity of all. The West in a nutshell.


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