Open Source Feminism: The Unfinished Revolution

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@mycroft That looks lika a huge controversy in itself. Are there any real studies on this? I can only extract those numbers:
"The study found that while women were 28% of those working on proprietary software, only 1.5% of those working on open source were women."
It really makes no sense at all.

@CyReVolt I am not interested in you opinion on that topic. Thanks.

@mycroft Sure, fire and forget then. Sorry for taking you serious.

@bg @mycroft Thanks! Especially the recommendations and reasoning in are quite insightful. Free time being an important factor sounds quite familiar. I'd never thought of that dimension at all. It confirms one impression of software development that I received over time.

@bg To resolve some confusion: By "real study" I was refering to the later development, not the original study, which apparently, unlike the claim, is still available, just not on its own website. It would be great to see an improvement after those 13 years through another non-biased follow-up study, especially because of the importance of open source software.

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