BOOST if you think is the worst Prime Minister of India.... EVER.

@myfellowindians If you think ?? Is mein bhi koi sochne wali baat hai bhai.

@myfellowindians My friend I am tired of this. Lost count how many times I had retweeted this on twitter. Ask/say something new.

@myfellowindians Are bhai pehla din he mastodon pe, ye kis panouti ka pic dal diya. Offcourse.. Modi is the worst Prime Minister if India.

@myfellowindians I simply lack the knowledge across domains - security (internal and external), economy, administration et Al to pass a judgment on all the figures. All of them have been good at somethings and bad at others. To make a blanket statement would be over-simplifying the issue. Politics is grey. Please do not binarize it.

@ninad @myfellowindians
On a gradual scale from white to black,middle being grey.
grey is very close to black.

@ensi_d1 @myfellowindians So how will you determine which one was which shade of grey. Different values matter to different people. Different policies have impacted different sections of the population. It is useless to compare leaders across era on the same scale quantitatively. We can do critical analysis but just saying this one guy was best or worst is wishful thinking.

@ninad @myfellowindians I can see my self in you from the past.
Let the time come, I don't need to explain you.👍

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