nikhil: this week was horrible. my boss yelled at me. i'm exhausted.
eli (solemnly gripping nikhil by his sideburns): sustainable development.
nikhil: thanks

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server in a restaurant (to nikhil): what will he have for the entree?
eli: sustainable development
server (shocked): wait, does he understand us?
nikhil: what do you think

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stranger on the street (looking weirdly at eli): has he had any trouble adjusting?
eli (proudly): sustainable development
nikhil: as you can see, he is totally indistinguishable from a normal child

nikhil (tucking eli into bed): goodnight, kid.
eli: sustainable development.
nikhil: yep.......................... that's right

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eli learns only one phrase in chinese, and it's "sustainable development." he uses it all the time.

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there are more characters (ohhh yes) but i'll talk about them later.

so, mandarin is the lingua franca in datavend, both bc china (now also a corporate state) is the dominant world power, and bc datavend was itself founded by chinese expats. it's still a recognizably western society and everyone speaks english as the common tongue, but chinese is the language of formality.

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the other main character is this kiddo: Eli, a 10yo boy from 1870s London, "lifted" from the past and stuck in Nikhil's care for training on how to be a modern person. Eli is a rambunctious little brat who's confused but he's trying really hard ok??? he's never seen a microwave, self-driving cars, or women in trousers. he LOVES: food, adventure stories, being doted on, befriending strange folk. he HATES: eating insects, being condescended to he's UNSURE ABOUT: wearing short sleeves in public

the main character is this bitch!!!!!! his name is Nikhil (he's not normally covered in fucking CW: BLOOD this was just a gratuitous drawing for myself lmao)
he's a stodgy, overworked middle manager in Tempcom's recon department. he LOVES: pleasing his boss, doing things correctly, retreating to his domestic sanctuary at the end of a hell week. he HATES: sloppiness/laziness, GERMS (he's a germaphobe) other people's bullshit.
despite his short fuse and critical personality, he's a gruff idealist

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super condensed intro: Timeshock takes place in the year 2180. the corporate state of Datavend rose to power from the ashes of 21st-century global devastation. their subsidiary, Tempcom, invented time travel. Tempcom, through its considerable bureaucracy, now conducts missions that ostensibly serve the public good. (unnecessary spoiler: tempcom is evil)

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hi, i've come here to dump about my OCs. i've drawn the first 13 pages of the comic and fully scripted 3 chapters but i've been too busy with other work to devote the required hours to polish + launch and it's eating me up so hard

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Tip for new folks: If you join an instance, then decide another instance is a better fit for you, you can create a new account and migrate your follower list over! It's in preferences -> import, or https://[your.instance]/settings/import

seems like everyone's on for now, but i'm getting the sense we should/will eventually migrate to an instance that will serve 'Comics Twitter' specifically. or maybe such an instance exists already? i don't really want another place to boost work, just a dedicated place to hang with the community™

@Polks your icon is animated!?!?!??!? oh my GOD we are truly free from twitter

here's her picture! she's a funny girl... most of the time she's such a bunched-up little shape, but when she stretches out, she's like 1m long

our foster cat, babs (nickname: babson dugnutt) is just starting to come out of her shell!! she's been an extremely shy and hissy little bean for the 6 weeks we've had her, but the last few days, she's started to come out at the sound of my voice, and have a lot more tolerance for physical proximity. she still hides a lot, and we can't pet her or approach her too quickly. but i'm really happy for her progress!

then i get to plan the guest page i'm doing for @cryptovolans!!! YESSSSssssSSSssSs

going 2 the post office as soon as i put a clothe on..... im gonna buy samosas on my way back........ big motivator

@Cheesycrocs where did your OC post go.... DJ bRING THE BEAT BACK

i followed a dozen people and already feel the need to slow the heck down

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