Hi, I'm going to be trying the IndieWeb.org/ thing, I'll be syndicating/reading here but my main source will be myles.life/ (I just want to own my own data).

@mylesb For syndicating to FB, are you only able to post to a page, but not your own account?


@Tchambers Yep. It's a Facebook API limitation.

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@mylesb That sucks. I know they did it after Cambridge Analytica, and I get it. But it is a big deal that it also closed off good faith syndication in from and efforts.

On my side I've been using and happy with looking forward to hearing how your experience goes. What server platform for your site?

@Tchambers I’m hosting the website on on Micro.blog right now because I really like the mobile apps. The $5 a month is the same as I would pay for Digital Ocean.

@Tchambers one of the cool things about hosting with them is they provided a Mastodon compatible bridge, so @me works.

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