I’m in the final days of a month-long birthday push on my Patreon: for more info about the live music performances & shows I develop with actors, acrobats, dancers etc, check it out at patreon.myrrhmusic.com!

Oh, wow, I really haven't been active here in a while. Anyway, it's nice to see a healthy inbound migration since Twitter has basically admitted it's a N*zi-friendly playground that can't be arsed to enforce its own arbitrary "rules."

Of course, after an initial flurry, things became quiet.

Hey fellow proboscideans. I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but if you're in Brooklyn/NYC this weekend, come and see my band (along with 2 actors) performing a new version of the Persephone & Hades myth this Friday night at Rubulad in Brooklyn. More info: facebook.com/events/1455142474

my heart aches. objectively, things are going okay, but i feel completely isolated, and emotionally bereft.

Feature suggestion: A function permitting you to designate a migration to another instance, which would then generate a special notification to those who follow you along the lines of "👤 User has moved to @User@instan.ce" with a one-click option to follow you in the new place and unfollow you in the old.

So no way in the web client (yet?) to (a) hide or show boosts from a specific user you follow, and (b) only show replies to people you also follow, right?

Is there an iOS client that boasts either or both of these functions?

fell into a strange rabbit hole trying to figure out which shakespeare play i first saw produced. it was either a winter's take or twelfth night. i distinctly remember a winter's tale because of the production design. twelfth night i don't really remember except thinking that viola was cuter as a boy.

tonight, mixing a piece of music called "brain fog." seems appropriate.

I'll say this: choosing an instance is not just about the domain name, it's about do you trust the admin and what is this instance culture and _how does this instance enact that culture_, and circumscribing a non-toxic universe is a perfectly valid way to define a culture.

anyway. back to either napping or tracking guitars.

i guess the other consideration, as this platform grows or evolves, is just how well connected a given instance is to other instances. as of this posting, for example, mastodon.social's about page says it is connected with 1173 others. as opposed to, say, oulipo.social's 292.

or maybe i should check out an app? i've just been in mobile & desktop web browsers so far. is there an ios app that allows you to bop between accounts/instances/etc?

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to be honest, the lack of an exclusive federated namespace in mastodon is causing me a weird kind of social/tech anxiety. i now have accounts on three instances and can't decide which to use, and they don't share follow lists. any advice from more seasoned mastodon users?

the next round of rehearsals for "grey gold" begin today. so, of course, i'm nervously prepping all the tracks...this morning.

i am calm, for a moment. i've faced a lot of death in the last month, and i am behind at many things, but today i feel okay with taking life at its own pace.

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