body shop's copywriter gets paid a lot to ensure no typos in "ethical cleansing"

All directors must live with the burden that they will never make the Princess Diaries 2

41,705 homeless in NZ and 141,366 empty homes.

2019 can be the year we give shelter for every person in this country

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Oh YouTube finally removed all the alt-right content?

@helldude sad to see Mic Dicta go, if only because there's one fewer US-centric legal podcast at a time when SCOTUS is finally being seen as the bad institution it always was

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Alexa this is too happy, play Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings

The only thing a Media degree is good for is understanding Existential Comics

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Going to a one-man show of Garfield on Ice

Sad Reacts Only.

why yes I believe in DEMOCRACY:
D ashing princes
E veryone loves em
M the last remnants of authoritarian feudal rule built by subjugation and based on the pure chance of birth

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