C'est bien, j'ai pas du tout l'impression d'être égocentrique à chaque fois que je poste une image pour le weekly photo challenge :welp:

Une deuxième pour le

Passage pour piétons dans le pont de Morlaix (Décembre 2018)

Let's start the week with some

Access road to the “Phare de la Corbière” (Jersey, May 2017)

Finally took the time to post-process this picture I took in summer 2018

(ping @AmarOk )

Good morning mastodon !
A small picture to start the :welp:

"The curious cat"

It's been a while since I last participated in the

A big faucet I found in a field

Played a bit with my pentax K100D this week-end.

I kinda like the ambiance in this , but I'm not 100% sure about the post-processing…

Is a 2mm focal considered ?

Taken at « La pulperie de Chicoutimi » in Aug. 2018 with the wide-angle camera on a LG G6.

Let's continue the with the photo I believe will be my next

Tremezzina, Lago di Como, Italy. May 2019

Since nobody seems to take part in this week's , here is an old picture of mine I took in 2016 in Oslo's fjord.

Taken with my old moto G3 and edited in

Saturday, I got to play with a DSLR (pentax K-50), and I took this one that would be great as a

Taken at Plage des Sables blancs, Concarneau, French Brittany

Something tells me that I am not the targeted audience for that new spotify playlist…

Good summer tubes though ! :blobpeek:

Two pictures for this week's : Hot and/or Cold

Both have been taken in a 10-minute interval, with just a tunnel between the two.
It's impressive how two valleys next to each other can be so different ! (at least 5°C of difference between the two)

Taken near Bergen, in May 2018

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