The café I’m at:

• has far too much tracking in their logotype
• horizontally squashes the sub-text
• uses a “ff” ligature in coffee (“c o ff e e”)
• is otherwise inconsistent in their typography


• they have decent coffee
• Internet works here
• no one else is inside (as it's a nice day)
• there’s a table way in the back that’s far away from the smokers outside; therefore, I can breathe

So I must continue to repress my designer snobishness. Somehow. :smart:

@garrett I feel the pain. While I was studying in Reading last year, we type designers frequently went for breakfast at a cafe that had a giant window logo in a script font ... with every letter disconnected and the initial-swash-variant turned on.

@n8 YIKES!

Yeah, sometimes you have to overlook some of these things.

I'd rather have good coffee/food/service/etc. than typography. (Of course, I'd like to have good typography too, but if anything had to go, then I guess the aesthetics are the best choice?)

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