Every FOSS video editor's release notes:

- Fixed lots of crashes.
- Fixed other crashes but only on Windows.
- Those crashes still happen on Linux.
- Added an obscure color-space conversion someone read in a white paper.
- Initial work on actually enabling video editing (separate branch).

- Massive effort to switch to a new build system. This will really simplify development going forward.

- We've decided to refactor the entire codebase so the next release will be delayed eight months.

@n8 Switching build systems is a royal pain, regardless of the software being open or closed, or pertsining to video editing or any other action. I've had to migrate to Gradle, and then upgrade along with its upgrades. Pain, I tell you: pain.

@n8 lol especially the last too are way too common

as a maintainer i have to constantly remind developers that the goal of the software is users, not the aesthetic experience of the developers with the code-base

@n8 The advantage of closed software development is customers don't see the internal policies. I have seen years of delay in closed source software; same problems.

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