I don't know quite why this bugs me so much, but an AppImage core developer felt the need to promote AppImage packages in my feature request about Debian packages.

I think partly its the hijacking, partly it's the stop-energy, and partly it's the fact that I'm fairly certain the developer in question has not used and will never use the application in question, and simply wants to promote his own project. Am I off base here?

Also, I forgot to mention, he had already opened a "use AppImage" feature request of his own the day before. Which he seems to do regularly against every project he can (based on the Github activity log on his account page, specifically).

@n8 yeah, he seems to be everywhere. Wherever you mention some Linux distribution format, he's there with "And how about AppImage?" 😀

@n8 It's been my experience that some fans (and possibly developers?) of AppImage like to show up wherever it is mentioned and promote it.

Myself, I prefer a Flatpak or a .deb package, when possible. If AppImage is the only available option, I'll use that, but luckily that's rare.

@liw Yeah, that's been my experience, too. And you remind me of another good point, that this guy showed up when we were talking about Debian packages, specifically, and nobody had mentioned AppImage.

@n8 The eagerness of pushing their preferred solution is a little offputting, to be frank.

@n8 Not just a core developer: the author and maintainer. He does that everywhere, and it's impressively annoying, to the point that I just stopped engaging

@n8 if he wants it, they need to contribute those changes

@n8 you're not offbase, he's incredibly annoying.

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