The Mozilla Foundation has a podcast called IRL. In a recent episode they talked about passwords and basically ended the episode advocating the use of proprietary password managers, specifically LastPass and OnePass.

LastPass has had number of security breaches over the years. Mozilla is a non-profit that creates Free Software, and even has a password manager built into Firefox that is FLOSS, and even self-hostable. Why are they advocating people use inferior stuff to their own?

@emacsen I doubt they have time to develop a cross-platform password manager, considering that developing VR browsers and setting up art installations in central London are both quite time-consuming.

@n8 Firefox Sync is still a thing AFAIK, and they seem to be working on a new thing called Lockbox.

Let me be very clear... I love Mozilla. I want them to keep doing amazing things. I am annoyed they're promoting proprietary software and services when they could promote their own stuff instead.


@emacsen [Also, since it was evidently not clear that my response was sarcasm; I enjoy poking fun at Mozilla's habit of staging expensive "experience" installations, even though I've been to those and they are demonstrably educating a lot of people about privacy and software freedom issues.]

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